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Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks Bob Harper-style

When my nuggets of wisdom come from reality TV, it makes me wonder about the status of my life. Ha!  But then where in my real like would I run into such veteran weight loss gurus as Bob Harper-the infinitely less abrasive long-standing Biggest Loser trainer?

So as you guessed, I was watching The Biggest Loser this week, and was very interested in the exchange between Bob and Antone, while discussing John's ambivalence on the scale.

You see, every week John gets up there, pulls very decent numbers pretty consistently, yet he is always disappointed to some degree.

And you know what Bob said???  He said that since John didn't appreciate his losses, that he would never realize how far he had come, what he went through to get there, and therefore it would be super easy for him to regain his weight...

I wonder if this is a problem for all Medifasters, too?  See we are conditioned to expect 3-5 pounds of loss per week based on program design, because hey-that is what the posters and ads all say, as well as what my weight loss counselor said initially...

So we see these losses, come to expect them as regular, and pretty soon 30, 40, 50, 100, etc., pounds are gone, and we may have never stopped to realize in actuality how difficult it really is to lose weight, how devoted we were to do so, and how skinny we have become.  Heck maybe this is a problem for everyone?

See, I realized that I never STOPPED pushing myself, being tough on myself, staying focused, to say "hey, that is a shit ton of weight that you lost, look how good you look, feel how good you feel, good for you!!!"  Sure at the end when I hit 159 I was pretty proud of the number, but I'm not sure I really knew how skinny I was-obviously I didn't because when I gained a few back I had virtually no idea.

Now I'm not talking about taking a break from dieting, but snapping out of the zone to have some a-ha moment, doing a happy dance, etc.

I guess I let the routine get so routine, that I never fully grasped how far I came because one week was the same as the next-being a machine is not always good I guess.  This may sound very 'poor little rich girl', but seriously I have to realize that if I don't cheer my success then I won't see my failures coming until the rolls are hitting me in the face (quite literally).  

I think my Medifast counselor even realized that I was not appreciating how well I was doing after a while, but at that point I was a lost cause-being cranky over a three pound loss because it wasn't five...but by then it was too late, my mindset was, well, set.

Therefore this time I will make much more of an effort to appreciate my successes, because I know I will lose weight, that is not in question, but I need to be proud of myself, so that my success does not mean hitting goal, but cheering the journey every step of the way...  
So my journey is just that, a long yet satisfying push to goal, and is not summed up by my destination alone-only then will I be thankful for what I've done, where I've been, and how I look and feel NOW.


Julie said...

AMEN!!! Yes, you have come far and you are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing such an amazing journey. Sleep well and have a blessed weekend.

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Have to admit... I didn't read this post! I realized as soon as I started that I haven't watched yet but it's on the recorder!

oh_mg said...

This is a great post - I'm incredibly guilty of the same thing, of not truly appreciating just how much I've done. I can only see the 40 I want to lose, not the 150 I've already gotten rid of, and it's one of the causes of my recent plateau. One of my goals for 2011 was to learn to love the girl inside, no matter what her body looked like; I've made great strides, but still have quite a ways to go.

Karla said...

You are doing amazing!!! I was happy for just a pound a week!!!

Jennifer said...

Love this post. I have stepped back and had my a-ha moment. It felt and still feels awesome! I really like being in the zone... I am just so ticked at myself that I was so much lighter than I am now and still wasnt happy. Now I see things much differenty :)

Keep up the good work.


Call me Ishmael said...

I would kill to be 15 lbs away from 159. That said, as someone who has read your blogs for a long time now, it doesn't matter to me what you weigh as long as YOU see how special you are.