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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best and Worst Vacations for losing weight

So most of your know that I am a vacation junkie...often planning one after coming back from another.  In reality, planning (and going on) vacations is my therapy.

They REALLY give me something to look forward to...if money were no object, I would probably go on about 5 nice vacations a year, now we are able to go on 1 (well and a half if you count a weekend in Vegas).

Knowing that many of us, me being the biggest offender, like to eat and eat well on vacations, I decided to really think about options that would be more conducive to losing, or even just maintaining weight...without feeling like I'm in a jail cell.  So here is what I came up with, but please add your own suggestions or ideas, I'd love to hear them!
Great options:
1.  Health spa-If all the skinny, beautiful employees doesn't make you feel guilty enough for eating that cracker, then the healthy focus and activities will...often these places have extremely healthy, yet delicious and exotic, menu options, in addition to lots of fun things to do ALL day long.  Heck even getting massages, wraps, mud baths and not moving is better than eating all day!

2.  Dude ranch-This is my personal favorite.  I once spoke to a doctor friend who mentioned she and her family went to the same dude ranch in Colorado every year for 20+ years.  There horses where assigned just for you for your entire trip, that you could take out and ride anywhere, anytime.  There were also scheduled hearty, but not greasy, meals everyday-and everyone dined together.  I don't know about you, but I always eat better when I am amongst strangers.  There are also hiking, skiing, and biking options, and many places also have spa options.

3.  Snow Skiing-This is pretty self explanatory. ;-)  I used to love to go skiing, the day would literally fly by when I was on the slopes all day. I often forgot to eat, which of course is not great, but it is high activity, great fun, and I found I could eat just about anything without losing weight...probably because I would fall asleep pretty early from being so exhausted.

4.  Eco trip-There are many places that you can travel to-in the middle of the jungle, mountains, tropics-far away from restaurants.  These places often cook meals for you, like a bed and breakfast, and there is little room for cheating.  Plus, with such interesting places to explore, hours often fly buy without thinking about that cheeseburger.

5.  Beach getaways-Ok these can go on both lists, depending on the resort and where they are...less touristy places are likely to have less fast food options, and more natural, cultural cooking.  All inclusive resorts can be as bad as cruises...

Not great options:
1.  Beach getaways: At all inclusives, food is often at your beck and call, is pretty processed, and is free-which would be a nightmare...

2.  Cruises:  Stuck on a boat with lots of food options-yikers!  Sure there is lots to do, but I have never met anyone who HASN'T gained weight on a cruise.  EVER.

3.  Las Vegas:  I know this from personal experience-this place is becoming a foodie heaven.  Lots of high and low cost options that are really, really delicious.  And you can only gamble so much...then what???

You guys got ideas?


oh_mg said...

For Thanksgiving, my friend and I rented a cabin on a lake in Northern California. We went fishing, kayaking, and hiking - so easy to lose track of time and forget all about the millions of Thanksgiving feasts happening elsewhere! We made turkey sandwiches and enjoyed nature and each other's company. It was the best little getaway!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Vacation? What is that? HA! They all sound great!

Call me Ishmael said...

Love all of them! I think the dude ranch one would be pretty neat. Love the horsies! I would book one of those, except I have an awful fear that I'm too hefty for the horse. I envision a ranch hand sizing me up as we arrive and then ordering a stable boy to go and get the work horse "Hercules" from the barn. Also, white water rafting and/or a hiking trip? Skiing is great too, fresh air and lots of activity -- but I always ruin it by not planning my own food. Inevitably, the cafeterias at the ski resorts around here serve burgers and fries.

Katie J ♥ said...

I actually went on 2 crusies that I did not gain weight on... it certainly can be done!

Sarah said...

Hmm...Dude Ranch? I would love to go to one! Hell, I would love the time and the money to go on any vacation!


BeesKnees said...

I like all of your ideas, but I think if you're trying to avoid having food be the center of your day then I agree with going on a vacation that will keep you busy. Skiing and the Dude ranch seem like a good fit. I'm totally jealous by the way - I'm waaaaay overdue for a vacation last one we took was Disneyland two Christmases ago, ugh.