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Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Present to You this Christmas!

Since the holidays are tough on all of us (who are trying to keep from stuffing ourselves into a sugar cookie coma), I decided to try to inspire the healthy chefs in all of us (read: me especially!)...

So I challenge all of you to post your original, healthy, home-cooked holiday recipes...paste the address of your recipe post on your page into my comments section on this post...all posts before this Wednesday at midnight will be considered...

The winner will receive a package at their door filled with their favorite products from Netrition.com!  This is a fantastic website with specialty food items and supplements for EVERY diet...just in time for renewing your commitment to weight loss in the new year!

Caveats:  Recipes MUST be original or your novel spin on an old favorite, and holiday related-entrees, appetizers, desserts are all welcome are all are equal-opportunity winners!  One entry per person, please.
Good luck to everyone!


Sarah said...

I'm not gonna lie, this is a huge challenge. I make healthier options all year long, except on Thanksgiving and Christmas! I did do better over Thanksgiving because we did do a lot of substitutions and made smaller recipes. I just don't know what to think about your challenge though! I haven't even thought about it and I'm pretty sure I'll be thinking about it all day now! I will get back to you when I think of something!


BeesKnees said...

It just so happens I posted a recipe last night! I love Netrition, I order from them all the time - I have a wish list as long as my arm :)


Karla said...

I love to read and try others recipes. Whenever I try and spin my own..... Oh my... Crash and burn... Lol

When it comes to cooking I am a better follower than creator :)

Call Me Ishmael said...

Darn, I missed the deadline but I will post this anyway. We call it spaghetti mediterraneo.
Take some pasta of your choice (I use whole wheat) and get it boiling. Steam a bunch of broccoli, mostly just the heads because it's easier to eat. While that's steaming, take a ton of chopped garlic -- not minced, but a rough chop -- and start sauteeing it in a bit of olive oil. I say a ton because I love garlic, but anywhere from 3 to 5 cloves for normal ppl, unless you are cooking a lot of spagets.

When all is done nad the garlic is soft, mix the pasta, al dente broccoli, and garlic and olive oil together. Sprinkle on some feta cheese, and voila! You have a fairly healthy, fairly low-fat pasta dish!

Happy holidays Polar's Mom!