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Polar Bear
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays from Doogs the 140 lb lapdog

So here is Doogs (aka Duggan), trying to climb on Tim's lap, and Tim trying to protect his family jewels from being nutcrackered...
"I'm right HERE and much more interesting than that bitch on TV!"

You see, Doogs is what one would call a 'velcro Dane'....meaning that he LOVES his people-meaning us-and wants to be near, on, snuggling us all the time...even when I am laying on the floor trying to do sit ups...
"Ok, if you're gonna die, please open my foodbag first..."
 He is a fantastic exercise trainer though, as I spend half my energy trying to keep him from biting my bouncing butt while I am doing Jillian Michael's 30 day shred...and he reminds me that I do not need to eat crap, as he stands and lays his head on my chest looking up at the morsels I am cramming into my mouth as I forage in the kitchen...

"Gimme that fucking cupcake or I'll rip out your jugular when you're asleep..."

 And no one can make sleep look as good as him, though I will never be as flexible to ball myself up or pull my legs above my head (as my husband would like I'm sure)
Doogie ball
Rubber doogie
Fighting sleep...
 But he really is a little kid, above trying to NOT fall asleep, head resting on his chest (just checking out the back of his eyelids, as my husband would say)...but he has his moments when he can't resist sleep no matter what position he is in...

Yes, he is sleeping head down somehow...

See, he is terrified we will leave him, as his original owners did, chained in the backyard to a tree, because they didn't realize he was deaf.  He has separation anxiety for everything, apparently...
Doogs fell asleep while chewing Kong bone
But what a mushy-faced lovebug, never have I felt such appreciation from a rescue dog...granted they haven't all had such dependency issues!
In fact he is so tolerant, and will let us do anything, which is both a good thing and why he got rescued from the shelter after being dumped, and bad because he dealt with way much more than he should have...but he is a smart cookie, after all he chose us!  
He looks better in my glasses than I do!

So here's to our 140 pound lapdog, the best Christmas present we could ask for-I know Polar and Pearl would really love him-what's not to love with those mushy cheeks???


Katie J ♥ said...

He is freaking adorable! Doogs doggers! I want to give him a big fat smooch.

Thanks for all your comments and support. It means more then I can say that you care.

Merry Christmas sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

I am on cloud 9 after reading this post. What a beautiful sweet doggie!!! OMG, I want one! He is perfect and how could ANYONE chain a dog to a tree and leave him as if he doesn't matter??? Horrible!

I am an animal lover through and through and this post made my day!

Love it!

Merry Christmas to you and your family, and Sweet Sweet Doggie!!!

Sarah said...

I love how my first thought was, "Yes! I almost weigh less than that dog!"

Your dog is adorable!