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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Avoiding the holidays=avoiding the family

So I know that my husband has been wanting to go home for Christmas-this has been apparent, but he won't push it because tickets are expensive.

And I really do like his family, so when I say that I REALLY do not want to go back there, it is not personal.

In fact, it is all my issue.  See, I have to hold my breath through the pastry/cookie/pie section in the g-store, but I cannot hold my breath for days at a time.

In fact, my MIL is an excellent baker.  And she bakes EVERYTHING for Christmas, including her signature cookies with Reeses cups in the center-my arch nemesis.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to get away from the cookies etc, and I do realize that I do not have to put anything in my mouth...BUT...

Have you ever been around that much baked goods?  Does your mouth salivate at their appearance?  Does your stomach growl around the goods?  'Cause I know mine does.

And do I really want to spend four days in a state of horrible hunger?

Also, do I want to answer the questions as to how/why/when etc I lost 44.5 pounds?  I am not sure I am ready to break out my Medifast blender, crappy shakes, and tiny granola bars in front of anyone but hubby-yet.  Also, I would have to cook for myself every night, as I am so sure that nothing, especially MIL's cheesy potatoes, would be within the plan.

So at what point does my selfishness to prolong my weight loss become the bad selfish where I keep hubby from his family.  And, no-he refuses to go alone.

Does anyone else find that they have the intense desire to hermit themselves on their couches through the holidays??

BTW-lost four pounds this week, so obviously those annoying P90X bitches (girls AND guys) know what they are talking about...


Sue said...

I have no choice when it comes to the Christmas meals, I'm the one cooking them! For the past 3-4 years Christmas is in our house. I love making heaps of food, and there is always leftovers but I give them to the families as they are leaving. No point keeping them in my fridge, half the time we don't eat left overs anyway. I think within another 1.5 months you will be stronger, especially with your new improved body from the P90X that you will be able to stand back from the cookies and baked goods, as they say, nothing tastes better than skinny feels. You can do it, go on, go see the family, do it for him, he must be so proud of you already. Just blog when you want to eat that cookie as Allan would, channel Allan when it feels like it is too much LOL

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

That is a hard choice, I'll have to agree. Who wants to sabotage themselves by being around all that food? Then again, how badly do you want to be around family and please your hubby? I personally, always fall on the side of being with friends and family... but that is something I love. You could just mega prepare before hand and then focus on the people and not the food as much as possible. You could plan beforehand what you will allow yourself to "splurge" a little taste on here or there (or not), but if it's decided before hand, it may be a little easier. Either way, best of luck!

BTW, what is P90X? I must be way out of the loop here!


Life as a Caterpillar said...

Hmm, i know the feeling. Obviously it must be a long way to travel to your MIL's or else i would suggest going for just the one day. That's what i intend to do. I usually stay at home on Xmas, but this year, my parents are leaving for a holiday on Boxing Day, so i am going to go to their house for the afternoon and evening of Xmas day, and have that time 'off' and not worry about eating. I guess that isn't an option for you. I did cancel my plans to go away to my cousins for NY, like we do every year, because i simply could not stay in someone elses house and expect them to cook different meals for me, and i could not trust myself to stay away from all the party food and wine that is laid on for the 4 days over their celebrations (in Scotland, it is a much bigger holiday at NY than Xmas). I blamed having no sitter for the dog as my reason not to go :(

Well done on your weight loss this week!

Leslie said...

You are really doing well. Stay in today about the holiday eating anticipation if you can. They will come whether we're ready and can handle them or not. So do the best today and the rest will unfold. Repeat tomorrow!

Your nice steady weight loss is impressive and makes me jealous! Hopefully I'm starting to find the groove.

Jennifer said...

Four lbs is awesome!!! Good for you!!!

Have you read any of my posts about when my inlaws come to visit? Same thing. She doesnt cook but brings all this *stuff* that is so hard for me to pass up. I know just what you are saying!!!

Patrick said...

Whoa, 4 pounds, that is impressive!

Baked goods are rough to navigate through. Keeing them out of sight is the only sure fire way to keep thep out of mouth.

Michele said...

I think 4 pounds is awesome, too. If you were counting calories, I would have a suggestion (budget for them), but I do not think this applies to Medifast (but others weighed in above). You seem like a very straight-forward kind of person, have you thought about talking to your MIL about the fact that you are on Medifast. If my DIL came with that info, I would make it a point to see what I could do to support her. Maybe your MIL would do the same. Taking care of health is something I do not take lightly,especially for someone married to my son.