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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shrimp Burgers and other Awesomeness

I was REALLY happy last weekend when I spied some unbreaded shrimp burgers at the seafood counter in Whore Foods.

I was even more psyched when they turned out to be REALLY good-and around 60 calories/patty it is a tough meal to beat-like 93% protein!  And it filled me up...no I am not paid to advertise them-I'm just sharing the shrimpy love with my peeps.

To top it I made some remoulade-ff Miracle Whip, mustard, whostershire sauce, hot sauce, lemon, cayenne pepper-Voila!

Also-in spite of my horrible muscle pain from P90X, I have to admit that I luuuurve it.  Makes me feel strong and less jiggly.  Once I get over this muscle pain completely it will be even better...and once I am able to bend my knees to sit on the toilet, my world will be complete.

Plus I read that most people burn between 550-750 calories during each DVD, which is impressive since I for one do not get out of breath or feel ragged other than feeling weak in the muscles.  I think that was why I thought I wasn't burning enough and did the elliptical, too.

I still do the ellipitcal in place of the short Cardio DVD on specified 'cardio' days, but the longer muscle group workouts are really great.  And of course after doing the Legs and Back DVD I cannot lift my leg let alone step up onto the elliptical anyway.

Also, the boss will be out of town next week, so that is nice.  The place is just cheerier when he is away-moral goes way up, and we get alot done without him looking over our shoulders.  If he took his head out of his ass long enough to realize this maybe he would bug us alot less often.

Anyway-hope you are all doing well, I plan to catch up on blogs more later since my grant is done-can't wait to see what you are all up to!


Anonymous said...

Hmm...Shrimp burgers, huh? Never tried that :)

Sue said...

its funny, I was watching the big bang theory last night and wondering if you are 'Amy' from 'Shamy'. I don't know if you have seen the episode or not when Sheldon gets a girl (Amy), and she is a fellow Geek/Scientists as well, and remember your post on Sheldon...........

Michele said...

Looking at your weekly wight loss posts, looks like you are doing well. Never heard of the shrimp burgers-I will look for them.

Cori said...

Shrimp Burgers sound GREAT! Might have to look for those next time I'm there.

My husband has been doing P90X and I'm trying to get up the nerve to give it a whirl!! We'll see....

Bethanny said...

Shrimp burgers sound yummy.

Waisting Time said...

Never heard of shrimp burgers... sounds yummy but expensive. We got some strange chicken burgers at Costco recently that are better than I expected.

Julie said...

Shrimp burgers? Sounds interesting. You are doing so great.
Thanks for stopping by today and your so very helpful comment. I do really appreciate that.
Take care and have a blessed evening.