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Monday, November 1, 2010


Did you honestly think I was serious???  HILAR-ious!!

I decided on quite a horrible whim to 'bump' up my workout.
Yes, I am crazy, too-minus the frat boy arm tat.
Yes, according to Medifast, I am supposed to keep my workouts to under 30 minutes-due to my low caloric intake.  Yes, I do 30 minutes of elliptical 6 days a week. But still...you KNOW I am a glutton for punishment.

And no, Allan, I do not like to be whipped or ball-gagged in addition to putting my body through hell in workouts.  
Bethanny?!?!? ;-)
No to pinch collars, too.

So this wild hair to increase my loss came when hubby said he wanted to start some strength training again...so we bought the DVDs and gave it a whirl.
Honey??  Is that you?!?!

Hubby first did the Chest and Back workout, which he said was ALL pushups and pullups.  He managed to eek out 30 minutes of the 52 minute workout, which I think is pretty damn good considering who the hell does pull-ups outside of their 5th grade presidential fitness test anymore?
My kind of pull-ups, though a tad small for me...
I did the Core Synergistics workout, well 30 minutes of it that is-after 35 minutes on the elliptical.  Not one of my Noble mental moments, I agree.

Not only that, but I encountered two realms of hell-the 'prison push up', and the 'push up/chatarunga run' combo.  You tube the P90X versions, then try ONE, but make sure your trusty life-alert is securely around your neck... Pauli was on 911 watch...it was touch and go there for a while...

Ok, so maybe she was more like this...

So I lived, and now I must go shower as the dogs said I am stanking something awful-I believe this is the sweat of desperation(because I tried so desperately not to break anything).

Needless to say, I look forward to more P90X hell tomorrow.  Oh alright, I'll take that pinch collar now...


Bethanny said...

Hey where did you get my pic from the dating websites I joined? You stalkin me?
I heard that the P90 is H-E-L-L. Not for me, not yet. Have fun though :)

D.Reeve said...


Jennifer said...

You crack me up. When I was on Medifast I lost a chunk of weight and started exercising a bunch. I loved it and I felt great! But then the weight stopped coming off. I was ticked. Then my health coach told me I was exercising too much (which really wasnt a lot) and to cut it down a lot. I did and the weight budged again. If the weight keeps coming off then awesome!!! But if you find you stall out it may be from the exercise. Just thought I would share my experience. Rock on girl!!!


Michele said...

Sounds like you are whipping our butts. Congrats on the science-y- award, too. That is terrific. Keep on truckin', michele

Charlotte said...

I promise you P90X will get easier, but my first round of it, I was sore EVERY DAY from it. Don't know if I would have been so wiped out if I'd tried it with 80 or 90 fewer pounds on my butt, but something tells me it's brutal no matter who you are. As they say in the videos, "Bring it!"

Brigitte said...

Bows down before all P90X users. Seriously, you people rock! Keep up the great work!