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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reject the Reeses!

Ok, so what if I keep chanting this in my head?  Do you think it makes me run from the Reeses?  NOOOOOO.  I even went so far as to think to myself-one won't be THAT bad.
Me:  Up at dawn, fetal position in the closet lover of Reesus
Am I fucking crazy?  There are 115 calories in ONE cup and get this-just shy of 7 GRAMS OF FAT.  That is insane.  Insane to think I used to sit down and eat half a bag, insane that I thought I could just sneak one in now.  

Justification is a four letter word
Insane that I would have to suffer about 10 more minutes on the elliptical to burn it off.  Insane that I could eat about 30 slices of turkey pepperoni to equal that one cup.  That kind of justifying craziness could turn me to NASTY extremes...

Not to mention that like Lay's, you can't eat just one-especially since the other cup looks up at me so longingly from his lonely place in the cardboard tray.  Yikes-dodged a minefield there...that would have opened up a very expensive can of worms.
And to think I squeezed into my size 12 corduroys yesterday.  Stay the course-Reject the Reeses, reject the Reeses! 

I am happy to report that I lost 3 pounds this week-and after watching the scale sway over the course of a pound, we chose the middle value that stayed put for about 10 seconds.  Just goes to show you how finicky and sensitive those digital scales are!!

Here's to a great Halloween, and much willpower to go around!!


Bethanny said...

Today has been a hard day. Just think of tomorrow! I want chocolate so bad!

Jennifer said...

3 lbs is awesome. You are doing great. and yes...reject the reeses!!! you can do it! I have been asking myself if i should go back on medifast for a few months to see if I can get the rest of this stubborn weight off. I have been at the same weight for 4-5 months. While it is tough and rigid sometimes that is JUST what I need. if the plan doesnt allow, i wont eat it... hmmmmmmmm..... I really need to see some movement and get reinspired.

Keep it up. You are doing great.


Anonymous said...

Stumbled on your blog from Michele's site. I love it, your pictures are GREAT! I'll be back to visit!!!

Anonymous said...

Here, here! I agree :) It's been difficult resisting all of the chocolate and sweet temptations this week. I'm glad Halloween is over...And the majority of birthdays in my family, since there's been cakes all over, lol. I'm proud of you for resisting the Reese's though. Those are hard to not touch :) Also, glad you got your SHAPE magazine and enjoyed it.