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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am NOT a loser!!

Hell yes to NSVs, my peeps!

Today I had TWO.  Count 'em and weep.

Ok, I am done gloating and my inferiority complex is out sunning it's fat pimpled ass again...

So not only can I fit into one pair of my fancy, pre-fatty fatass pants (Paige Premium Denim, people, and not even a flair style!!), but there was NO muffin top or laying on the bed sucking it in to zipper, and no ripping off belt loops while jumping up and down.  YOU know who you are.  There is usually not a belt loop safe around me... ;-)

The tightest part was my calves, if you can believe that.  Weird.  Thighs were fitted but sit-able, waist and midsection were surprisingly loose.

Super cool, I'm totally psyched.  I know to my male readers it may not seem like a big deal, but ladies you know of which I speak.  The door is opening to my cute clothes closet again!  This is so important to self-confidence for me, since one cannot survive on dark, solid clothes alone...

Second, I was given an award today for a science-y competition.  I submitted an abstract to a national science research society, and out of 70 submissions, I was one of six winners.  YAY ME!

Ok, so I wasn't completely honest with the gloating being done-sorry about that.  NOT REALLY-'CAUSE I ROCK!!!  Mwa-hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Have a great Thursday peeps.  Kick ass and take names.

HOT 100 update:
1.  Lost 1.5 pounds last week-apparently (not sure if I believe that whole thing)
2.  Have not gone over 2000 calories-the true is this weekend!
3.  No week with a gain yet.

Holding steady on my goals, fellow hotties!


Bethanny said...

Look at you! So proud of you for both wins!!

Christine said...

Congrats on both NSVs, but especially that science award! That's really exciting!!! :-) HIP HIP HOORAY!

Lanie Painie said...

yay! the hard work is paying off! you go girl!

Twix said...

This is great news! You do ROCK!!! :D

The Fat Mom said...

Those are both AWESOME NSV's! Way to go!

Crazy Fat Girl said...

I have had quite a few torn belt loops in my day LOL! Way to go girlie!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome update!!!

By the way, the update post will be up in a few hours.

~South Beach Steve

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Gloat all you wany, you deserve it! I love these positive posts! You rock!

christina said...

I must be an idiot - what is NSV???


Jennifer said...

whoooo hooo. NSV's are the best!!!!


Waisting Time said...

Good for you! NSVs are the best:)

Call me Ishmael said...

What a week for you! That science win is fantastic - great job. And Rejecting the Reese's? That's like...just huge. Major. Equivalent to taking a Nobel Prize or something. I may be exaggerating a little, but as someone who has been held captive by those little dark sorcerers, I know what it takes to resist. You're an iron(wo)man.