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Saturday, October 23, 2010

How hard is it to read a scale?!?!?!

So I step on my scale at home this morning before going to weigh in-you know to get an idea of how bad it would be this week compared to my other weeks.  Now our scale at home is consistently 1 pound heavier than what I weigh in at Medifast.  But even keeping that in mind, it said I still lost 1 pound from last week.  

So I go in and my counselor isn't there, so I get this new chick that started last week.  She tells me to step on the scale and 2 seconds later tells me to step off.  Now this is one of those fancy digital scales that you have to stand on for at least 10 seconds before it stops moving down.  Hubby confirmed that it was still moving quickly when I stepped off-since I don't look directly at the scale.  

SO she says I lost 1.5 pounds.  Um really???  So I say that is strange because I typically lose at least 3 pounds.  Then she starts preaching to me about plateaus, and I KNOW I don't plateau until about 180 pounds.  

Realistically with my slight eating off plan at the meeting in SLC, I figured to lose closer to 2.5-3 after crunching the numbers.  So I realize this is a lost cause to continue questioning her about it, because she was obviously frazzled and having a stupid day.  I would have liked to stand on the scale longer.  Oh well.  Next week I suspect a large loss will present itself...

Thanks for letting me vent.  No need to console me, I'm just angry to have encountered that much idiocy so early in the morning.


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Annoying but it will all balance out. Did you feel like she was just rushing and not really caring? That's sorta what it sounds like. Well, it could have been worse! Next week they'll all be praising you for how awesome you did!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Sorry... she obviously didn't realize how important is was to you to get an accurate reading. You demonstrated a lot of patience for her annoyingness! Next week should be fun to see. :)


Allan said...

But still, it's a loss !! Good stuff..

Bethanny said...

Im impressed that you let your man in there! I would be too scared!

Karla said...

huh??? Isn't a plateau when you stop losing and stay the same for a while??? I must be confused??!! 1.5 in a week = 78 in a year in my certified Karla weight loss dictionary you are NOT on a plateau!!!

she must have been new!!! LOL

Jennifer said...

Congrats on your loss...even if it should have been more :)


Michele said...

Sorry about that spell with idiocy so early in the morning.

But, my comment is mostly about your second to the last post. This is a journey toward better health, with loads of ups and downs, but mostly growing understanding of ourselves and adaption to new and better life habits. I, too, try to focus only in the positive. Too much doom and gloom in the world. NSVs are wonderful reminders of the progress we make every day. Michele

The Fat Mom said...

I was thinking the same thing as Karla. What would the newbie scale reader done if you jumped back on the scale? Karate chop your ass? Next week will just be a bigger number lost on the scale (unless you have the stupid newbie again).

Call me Ishmael said...

Too bad she was in such a hurry....would have been nice if she could have just given you a few extra seconds since it's a pretty important piece of information. I really like what you wrote in your previous post too, about positivity. That's a great way to look at things and I'm going to try and adopt that habit too. It would be wonderful if I could look at, say, watching my portions as a special gift I give myself at every meal because I'm so excited about becoming slimmer/healthier.