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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Diet-Friendly Restaurants-add your 2 cents!

After posting yesterday I thought of this idea...  I realize that most of us have the most difficulty sticking to diets when we go out to eat.  However, I don't feel that while dieting we should be restricted to our homes.

I think being a prisoner to our own refrigerators would lead to dieting burnout VERY quickly.  But dieting is a change of mindset-a life change, so we can't avoid the evils of restaurants forever.

Plus, there are some good chain options out there with customizable options and an extended healthy menu section.

So what I ask of you is if you have come across some GOOD restaurants for eating healthy-chains would be preferrable since they are everywhere and everyone can find one.

For instance, though Pappadeaux Seafood is known for fried foods, I ate there last week, and they have an ENORMOUS 'from the grill' selection of seafood, and they were very happy to customize anything I wanted (no dirty rice, roasted veggies instead).

Also, another seafood place here in Texas called Chamberlains has a very healthy variety of seafood, and much of it is broiled or grilled.

So are there any more restaurants that you feel comfortable going to while dieting?


Allan said...

Sorry...Fish on grill, awesome. Fish on grill in restaurant is doused in butter to make it look and taste good...Baked means it sits in the butter as it cooks...Best Seafood in a restaurant id shrimp cocktail, raw stuff, or maybe steamed fish...Sorry, we suck, making it taste good

The Fat Mom said...

For breakfast, IHOP has a really good simple and fit menu that has items all under 600. Chick-fil-a is an all time favorite for fast food. Chili's has alot of grilled options and I've never had a problem with subbing items.

Before I go anywhere, I like to check the nutritional value. Not always an option, but that's my goal. It's all about trying to plan for me.

Polar's Mom said...

Allan-Ever since I read on your page about the butter, I always ask about it! I tell them not to make it taste better, just grill the damn thing. ;-)

TFM-I hadn't thought about IHOP-thanks!!!

Karla said...

I must be lucky, too broke or too tired even just too tired. I really only eat out for breakfast

Susan said...

I have become addicted to T.G.I.Friday's Key West Shrimp - it doesn't even come with a carb (potato, rice or pasta), so you don't have to substitute. I ask for it without the Cajun spice (not a fan of hot food) and it's still delicious - this entree is yummy, filling, within the nutrition/calorie limits... and affordable ($9... :-)


Bethanny said...

Hey girl. My email is acting weird. I can not open it. Im going to reply when it finally opens.... not ignoring you!!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

My problem is that I feel like if I go to a restaurant, I have "permission" to blow it. Which is why I get this panic when the husband wants to go out. We spent SO many years eating out like 4 - 5 times a week that now I am scared to. So I'm not much help. I know that I CAN make healthy options and I often do but I don't enjoy it.

Call me Ishmael said...

Hey Polar's Mom! Love the blog. You are also dropping an impressive amount of weight -- 3lbs weekly? Awesome! I tend to blow it when I go out to dinner, even tho I avoid my "trigger" foods (pasta, pasta, pasta) and try to select healthy choices. To compensate, i work very hard on my portion, reminding myself I do not have to clean my plate! I usually do ok, but dessert often works its way on to the table. I go for the fruit tarts when poss over heavy chocolaty things, or split one, but you know....it's not exactly a low-calorie night when I add everything up. That said, keeping to good habits is everything - so even if I eat more calories than normal, I still pat myself on the back for not overeating or stuffing myself just because a big portion is there.

Michele said...

I'm with Allan. Marion Nestle says the same thing: in restaurants there is no WAY that you can know how your food is prepared. My advice, stay out of them. For conventions, pack some food that you can eat and eat that before you sit down to any othose event meals.

But most of all, I love your sports viewing etiquette We have season tickets to the Vikings. I would like to pass out the peeing or getting up during the game directions to all of my seat neighbors. Michele

Anonymous said...

I can find healthy options at almost any restaurant but I make sure to look up their nutritional stats online before going so I know exactly what to order and how many calories it will be when I go. Like tonight we went to Olive Garden which is SO not a diet friendly place but their Zuppa Toscana soup is completely and utterly delicious (it's got italian sausage, potatoes, kale and I think onions in a creamy white broth) and comes in at 170 calories for a decent-sized bowl. You can add a breadstick (150 cals) and/or a salad and for me, that's a meal. The salad comes drenched in dressing and is 350 cals for a serving but you can ask for the dressing on the side b/c you really don't need as much as they give you. W/o dressing it's only 120 cals. I love to go to Subway for fast food and I love the Southwest grilled chicken salad at McD's. There are also a lot of these Mongolian grills cropping up like Hu Hot and Gobi Grille where you fill a bowl up with the meat and veggies, sauce of your choice and they grill it up so depending on what you choose, it can be very healthy!