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Friday, October 1, 2010

If you want something done right...

...Do it your damn self!!

First off, let me say that my boss is a classic micromanager.  He feels like a God when he has his hands in EVERYTHING.

I had to submit a 500 word abstract for a competition, and my boss has known this for at least a month.  He also knows it was due today at noon-or faces disqualification.

So I wrote this and submitted it to him for any corrections he might have at the beginning of the week.  Getting things to him ahead of time is completely useless, as he procrastinates to give feedback until a few days before anything is due anyway.  Knowing how he is, I pasted a few sentences together from something he had written in the past.  Actually it was something I wrote, that he corrected, because he obviously thinks I'm a three year old.

On Wednesday I receive a handwritten outline as to how I should have organized my thoughts.  It was a full page.  Ok, that is fine, and honestly it is minor on the scale of things he has done.

I rewrote and reorganized, so I get an email with my revision attached this morning that says, "The second revision was MUCH improved, and really great."

I OPEN the revision, that has 'track changes' in red, and all but FIVE words on my revision are RED.  I shit you not.  It was so awesome, he had to change all but 5 WORDS!!!  What the fuckity fucking shit is his problem?  That is literally what I thought at my desk.

So I basically copy and paste what he wrote without changes into a new document and send it to him in a 'high priority' tagged email at 10:30.  I sit watching my email inbox-literally refreshing every minute-until 11:48.  I go to his office.  He is sitting there fiddling around with a grant that is due next week-he looks at me like I am an ALIEN, a fucking stupid toddler alien, and says 'Ah the abstract'.  I say yes it is due in 12 minutes with as much composure as I can muster, while administering the Vulcan death glare.

So he bring me his two more changes, just to be a shitbag, and then starts to lecture me on why we should meet to discuss his changes, while I am rushing to put it all into a PDF and send the thing in at 11:59!!!!

The KICKER to all of this crap, is that he said EXACTLY what I said, just in a different order of words.  Neither copy read better than the other, I had a few blindly read each and weigh in.  So what is the GD point in me even writing something in the first place if he is going to change EVERYTHING?

This is the WTF moment for the day-unless you have a better one!!


Patrick said...

Vulcan death glare... next time give him the death grip and maybe he will keep his changes to himself.

Have a good weekend!

Leslie said...

Hi PM! I've really enjoyed and appreciated your comments on my blog lately and am finally here to check out yours. I love that you're a dog lover and can only imagine how much you miss Polor.

The boss sounds like a major tool, as my 20 something sons say. Death glare indeed.

I love your "bootie the size of Bama" in your profile. My bootie isn't, but other parts of me certainly are. Good luck on this journey, and I'll be following you to hear about your bootie shrinkage.

Thrice Blessed said...

Your boss sounds a little like my MIL... can't say I have much helpful advice.

Tamika said...

I must say you actually made me (L)augh (M)y (A)ss (O)ff!!!!! I love "What the fuckity fucking shit is his problem". lmaooo..... I must say there is a great big hand full of people out there like that. They just think there way is better than anyone else's. Gotta love them!

Anonymous said...

I feel for you. I work in an office where continually wait for other people to get their jobs done so I can do mine and it irritates the crap out of me because we never make deadline and it is my job to clean up after when we don't.

I can't say it is as bad as your "boss", though.


Sue said...

Some people just need the power trip.

Lanie Painie said...

what a jerk. I think you should just submit your original :)