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Monday, October 11, 2010

Grandmas don't Lie-NSV

So I don't know if you all remember when I mentioned that my mother's Mom-my grandmother-is a vicious intellect, with NO filter-constant logorrhea.  She has been this way her WHOLE life, so it wasn't merely a side-effect of old age.

A warning would be nice...
This is the same woman who told my Mom she looked pregnant about to deliver when she was 15 pounds overweight.

They actually have shirts like this-who the fuck wears them??

We all went to dinner last night, me and hubby, the parents, and Nana.

I caught her looking at me strangely, grade A stank eye to be exact, and I figured I was in for another one of her comments-but she said nothing...

My mom called me later and said that my grandma said that everytime she sees me lately I appear to be less and less and that I am really looking good.  So my Mom says, "why don't you tell her that?".  Nana replies, "because I never know how to say these things properly".  Bah-dum-pum.  How's that for a punchline.

So my Mom agrees with her, both of them saying I'm sensitive.

Uh, what?  'Scuse me?  So I say to Mom, "yeah I'm sensitive because no one likes to be told that they are fat, but if someone is telling me I'm skinny, I can hear that 50,000 different ways and it will all sound good to me."  Duh.

So that was a small victory.

That and the fact that Karate Kid is on now-just in time for the crane music montage!!

You're the best around, nothing's gonna ever keep you down!!

Take a lesson from Mr. Miagi-that dude knows his shit!


Jennifer said...

HAHAHA. Great post.


Christina said...

I had a post awhile back about my grandmother making remarks to me about my weight so I know exactly how you feel. I can't wait until she comments on me being skinnier but it will probably be the same way she will tell my mom but not me.

Kelly said...

hahaha! My gramma is the saaame way!

Bethanny said...

Wait until I break my grandmother down. I have only hinted at her craziness. However, she needs a friend, so can we get our meemahs together so we can get them out of our hair?! Please????

Tamika said...

Lmaooo you are hilarious. I just absolutely love reading your post! Well I guess take it as a lovely compliment coming from your Nana! You should make sure you tell her that she can call u skinny anyday :) Have a great night!

Charlotte said...

Sometimes the right comment at the right time from a certain someone can make all the difference. I love it, that the one time she filters herself, she avoids telling you that you look great. But at least you heard it via your mom anyway. Just enjoy it, and don't worry about the rest.

Ginger aka Gidget said...

I am cracking up at your post. The stank-eye owl is killing me. I might have lost a pound just from laughing. And, before you even posted the lyrics from the Karate Kid, I was singing it in my head. ha ha ha... I think we're kindred spirits. LOL!

I agree - why is it people have no problem telling you that you're fat, but when you lose weight they worry that they'll say it the "wrong way"? WTF?

Waisting Time said...

I have to admit that I never know how some one will take it if I comment that they look good or that they look like they lost weight. Will they then wonder what I was thinking before?! Nice that people are noticing your progress:)

Auntie Mandy said...

My sister-in-law was telling me one day that someone had commented that it looked like she had lost weight. She was FURIOUS! She told me that if someone notices that she might have lost weight, then they thought she needed to lose some. OMG! I couldn't believe her! So I set her straight AND we are still speaking!