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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eating on the Road

Well, I just got back in town.  I had a science meeting in Salt Lake City for a few days.

Many props to the U of U-I had a really nice time-and it is really beautiful.  Much better than I remember it last time-when I was stuck there overnight because we missed our connection to Las Vegas-which was not a fond memory.

Honestly I was quite a bit anxious about it all.  As you may know, it is rather difficult to stick to a strict diet when you are eating on a schedule at scheduled meals in scheduled restaurants.  So much for eating like a rabbit...

So let's see, I had a grilled chicken breast, a bit larger than I would normally eat, but half of what was on my plate-if you can imagine that.  BUT...I also had half of the mashed potatoes on my plate, which thanks to the monster chicken boob there was not much that could fit after the bird was settled in on the porcelain...

Even as I ate them, I felt guilty.  See-taters and all starchy high carb veggies are off diet.  
I brought my bars and ate one for breakfast, then at lunch the next day, I admit to eating half of a grilled chicken caesar wrap.

So after this unnatural decadence was done and I returned home last night, the guilt disappeared.  And I realized why-see even though I ate pretty decently, but the food was 'off' diet, it wasn't 'orgasmic'.  

I thought back to those eating experiences, and others around me polished off their food, seemed to really like it, so it wasn't that the food wasn't tasty or well made.

It just honestly wasn't as good as I remembered it.  That's it.  No fireworks, no orgasms, no food babies.  It was food, I ate it, then I wasn't hungry, and that was that-no endless binge, no food frenzy for anything edible or rather anything not nailed down when I was later alone.

So even if I lose less than my standard 3 this week because of those illegal items, I am happy that I gained one thing-the realization that being free to eat doesn't automatically spell failure.


Jennifer said...

I find that I struggle most when I am eating out. I am so much more in control of what I eat when I am home and prepare it myself. But what is the fun of that, right?!?! You did fine and didnt let it take over your life! Good for you! Sometimes we need to let loose and eat something "different".


Lala said...

I think that's a great lesson. It doesn't sound like you lost any steam at all!!! Very impressive. Those chicken boobs make me feel a bit queasy, tho! Ugh!

Beth at Obesity Strike said...

Excellent insight.

Baby Stepping said...

It is tough to stay focused when we are out of our comfortable routines. I think you did fantastic!


Waisting Time said...

Sounds like great insight was found on this trip. I am going to remind myself of that the next time I am faced with off plan food.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I love Salt Lake City!
Yes, we have found too, that eating "off plan" isn't like the most grand thing ever. No fireworks or major astonishment at eating off-plan food, and sometimes it's even a bit disappointing. Just goes to say that good nutrition is what we want and gives us the most lasting satisfaction when we choose it!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! I am new here--is there a certain diet plan you're following to lose that much weight each week? I've never been able to lose that much except when I was on HCG drops. I want to know what you're up to! :) I really liked hearing about your experience with eating "off plan" foods and that it didn't derail your dieting efforts. Kudos! ~Veronica