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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lighter Pants-does that count?

I did it, somehow I lost -3.5 pounds this week.  Hubby was looking when counselor wrote down the weight and I thought he mouthed to me that I lost 1.5 pounds.  I almost had a heart attack.  No offense to those who lose 1.5, of course, but that really would have ruined my weekend.  And on the flip side if missing one workout would have that big an effect, I'd probably work out 2 hours a day...

Actually after my skipping Wednesday's workout, I expected the smaller loss-but I still would have been mortified.  It's like you talk yourself into the fact of what could very possibly happen, expecting the worst, but when it does happen you are still not ready for it.  Weird, I know.

So that was good.  Of course the pants I wore today were 4 ounces lighter than my typical pants.  Does that negate my -0.5 loss? I sure the hell hope not.  After all, I do wear my flip flops for all weigh ins, so that should count for something, right? ;-)

The game was fun, hubby had a Kobe burger with green chile sauce, of which I took a bunless bite, and it was tasty.  Then he had chili cheese nachos, and I ate a jalapeno slice that had touched chili and cheese, and I could taste every molecule of it on that pepper.  This must be what dogs feel like-super sense of taste and smell.  I think I appreciated that little whiff more than if I hadn't been on a diet.

I tried to talk him into getting more food, so that I could eat vicariously through him, but he was stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey at that point.  Pussy. ;-)

On another high note, Miss Christine gave me an award:  Thanks Chica!!!

As part of this award, I must nominate a few others (it won't be the full 15) and share seven things about myself:
So I made my husband name the seven things...
1. I love the NY Yankees-you do remember that I am Mrs. Derek Jeter the 2nd?
2.  I love animals-except cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes-and will go out of my way to get them out of the house safely
3.  I have a handbag fetish in addition to my shoe fetish-hey they always fit!
4.  When I make my fortune, I will buy either the Cadillac XLR or a Porsche Carrera
5.  When I win the lottery, I will rent out umbrellas on a beach somewhere
6.  I hate my husband's driving-I always tell him to slow down so he doesn't hit any animals/people
7.  Among other, I like period pieces in movies-Just saw 'The Young Victoria'-great movie

The nominees:
1.  Aliana-one bitching Canuck
2.  Tamika-one cool chick and her slutty bikini
3.  Sue-my favorite Aussie-tied with Hugh Jackman, that is...
4.  Jennifer-she has this already but I don't give a good damn
5.  The divine Miss B-she has this, too, but she's my sista from another mista
6.  D.Reeve-very nice gal, super supportive

Overall, it was a great day-hope yours was grand, too!


D.Reeve said...

Great job! That's a very nice loss.

Bethanny said...

You really could be my sister. Papa was a rolling stone so who knows who I might be related to out there ;)
Thanks for the award :)

Brigitte said...

Congrats on the loss! That is awesome! And FYI, I am Mrs. Jeter. I will fight you for him :P I need a sugar daddy for purses and shoes too!

Ice Queen said...

Fabulous loss. :D

I am dying to see The Young Victoria. I keep waiting for it to hit PPV or the cable movie channels and I haven't seen it, yet.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Excellent on the weight loss! Keep it up and stay positive!

Allan said...

Awesome news. More pictures of your beauty please !!!

Karla said...

3.5 is a killer week!!! wow!!

Jennifer said...

ME??!?!?! Thanks for the award! You are so sweet. And yes, I may have it but no one can ever have too many awards can they????


Charlotte said...

Amazing! I'm stuck in a weird cycle of low losses, despite following my WW program diligently. I'm pretty sure I need to lower my caloric intake and will make that my next step after this week's weigh-in. I would LOVE to have weekly losses like yours, but it's not going to happen unless I make some changes. You're doing something right for sure! Good job!