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Polar Bear
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Tri-Destiny

OK, so it seems there is NO changing me taking more than 3 off the scale/week.  I have come to grips with this...

Seems no matter how low-carb my vegetables are, it won't make a difference...so that's good cause I missed my tomatoes...so do the doggies.

Landlord decided he would just drop by today with the roofing estimator-to see the inside.  He is supposed to give 24 hours notice.  Since this is the only day DH and I can spend together because of work schedules, he ruins it.  There goes our 24 hour sex-capade, uh, college football fest...

Did I mention he brings his hoodlum kids with him that run wild and climb all over our shit?

Have a great Saturday folks!  And go Sooners!!


Just Me said...

LOL, love the 24 hour...umm football game. And that tomato...funny stuff. Yep, I don't think a tomato will do you much harm on your weight loss journey. Look at it, laughing at us.

Michele said...

I do love your humor. I will remember the screaming kids thing when I take the grandbabies (uninvited) somewhere to visit!

Diane said...

Here's too many weekends more of... FOOTBALL!


FYT614 said...

Ummm football. I missed out on my football this weekend cause I got into a fight! sucks!