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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fried Frito Pie

That is the newest 'deep fried' item to make it's grand entrance to the Texas State Fair this year.  

Last year was the fried butter-which is now resting comfortably on Oprah's thighs...

There is also fried Coke-which is basically fried shit stuck together, with some Coke in the batter, then they give you Coke for dipping sauce.  Sounds gag-alicious.

Check out these other Michelin Star delicacies...

Typically DH and I go to my weigh-in Saturday morning, then hit Sam's club for cases of bottled water (yes we recycle), and Milkbones (not for me but very low in fat I understand).  Then maybe off to the Farmer's Market for his fruit for the week and my veggies...

But the State Fair is in town, and I would really like to go, for the non-fried entertainment, of course.  I thought about this and realized I really don't want to be around all that crap, and not just the fried shit listed above, but that food centric environment.

This leads me to my question-where can you possibly go for entertainment, that does not have eating as a large part of the enjoyment?  

For example we loved to go to the movies, and never ate the popcorn or candy, but now that I am going without, I don't want to be around that stuff just yet.  

I know my limits and smelling that stuff would initiate my inner dog and I'd go all Pavlovian, like I've posted about before, drooling on the teenie boppers making out in front of me.

So other than an empty, wide open grass field, which is ok for a group of people or fornicating adults, where else is there to go on the weekend for enjoyment that isn't a food-focused atmosphere? 

 Food seems to follow me, so I need to distance myself from it and learn how to have fun without involving food.  Ok, that sounded bad, but you know what I mean, if you get your mind out of the gutter.

Food-free fun ideas for hubby and me to get out of the house?  Do Tell!!!


Weightless said...

Let's face it, we live in a convience society and food is everywhere. You have to eat. But you don't have to make bad choices. You could go to a farmers market! I also like to do active things on the weekend, you can find events near you at active.com. If you choose to sign up, you're going to exercising and burning calories, living healthy. Most of the time, even the atmosphere is fun, festival like.

There are a ton of local places around here that people travel to see from all over the world, but we don't get to go to very often. Pack a healthy lunch and make a great day trip. Of course there are places like the dog park or you could always go shopping, antiquing, garage sales... whatever your interests are or even volunteer somewhere for a day. :) I'm sure when you really think about it there are lots of things to do and if you plan accordingly you can make healthy eating choices.

Lala said...

For a night on the town, I am a big fan of music and comedy clubs. There, you'll have to dodge the alcohol, but it's definitely easier than being in a theatre with the scent of popcorn being pumped into the room. Unfortunately, I live in a city with waaaay too many good restaurants, and dodging them is tough! You could also make dinner with/for friends--then you can control the healthy quotient without sacrificing taste.

Lanie Painie said...

Walk in the park
Roller skating
Mowing my lawn for me
Cleaning my house for me

Allan said...

Send me an email with your address. Will get you a sweatshirt tommorrow and wife will UPS monday..

Rapunzel said...

I agree about the live music, my man and I do love to visit the bars for local talent, but resisting the alcohol is really hard for me. So, I'm learning to have a glass or two of my beloved chardonnay, add ice and just stttreeeeetch it out for as long as I can. :)

Ginger aka Gidget said...

So, I guess it was wrong of me to start salivating when I read Fried Frito Pie? Damn...

I do think it's foul that people eat fried butter and fried coke. But, Fritos. I mean, let's be real. That sounds damn tasty especially if cheese is involved.

Fortunately, I never go to festivals or fairs and I think my band would freak out if I tried to shove a funnel cake down it. It HATES bread.

I still want to cuddle Polar. Such a cutie...