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Saturday, September 4, 2010

A cheese-lovers diet, pleeeeease!

Ok, so my love for cheeeese is pretty unnatural.  My DH jokes that I have a bit of pasta with my parmesan, or he walks in from work and asks who threw up in the house (because parmesan smells like vomit to him).

Of course, now pasta is off the menu, but more depressingly, CHEEEEESE is off the menu.

Yes, Medifast has cheese puffs, which are not too bad, but there is not very much cheese flavor in them, and I crave it like a snake to a hot rock.

THANK GOD for President's fat free feta.  Not a fan of feta normally, I have taken to this cheeeese like a nun to prayer.  I put it on anything that isn't chocolate.

And I have heard of laughing cow's light cheese, but I would prefer fat free right now while I can get more bang for my buck in the weight loss.

So what interesting ways have you found to use cheeeese in a diet-allowed format?  Please let me in on your secrets!

On another front, I am super happy with my weight loss this week-my counselor was all 'wow you did fantastic this week', which immediately made me think that I must have lost 10 pounds.  Because to me 10=fantastic, but I am my own harshest critic after all.

So Medifast is going well for me, I am branching out and trying different things on their menu, if they are quick and simple that is.  Sticking to the diet plan is not hard-in actuality the protein amounts are quite generous, and since I'm not a big veggie fan I stick to the same veggies-tomatoes, peppers, and mushrooms with a few spinach salads in there.  But what is hard for me, in addition to the cheeeeese withdrawl, is the condiment allowance.

See-I luuuurve me some Tobasco-my mom thinks I have an addiction to capsacin and the endorphins it releases when consumed.  And I love pepper, lime juice, salsa, taco and fajita seasoning, montreal steak seasoning, curry powder, etc.  Low/No cal stuff, but the SODIUM-yikes!  Water weight ensues which just plain old pisses me off.  Anyway, that is my current battle...

Wishing you a good and safe Labor Day!


Waisting Time said...

I am not a veggie lover either and have to work hard to get them in each day. I have found that almost all of them taste better roasted. Amazingly so! Try it.

Polar's Mom said...

So how do I do it-besides roasting in the oven obviously? What do you put on them? I had roasted tomatoes in a nice restaurant recently and they rocked my world.

Waisting Time said...

Basic version that works for asparagus and fresh green beans: preheat a sheet pan for 10 minutes in a 450 degree oven. Wash and trim veggies, coat lightly with olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Roast on hot pan for ten minutes. The roasting seems to make them sweeter. I also like to do my green beans longer, until they start to brown and crisp and become "fries."

My newest find is carrots. Sliced (I used the food processor) then done the same way, but at 10 minutes I slather them with sugar-free maple syrup, stir, roast longer. I probably do it for 30 or so minutes total, stirring every 10. They are almost like candy! And I used to hate cooked carrots.