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Polar Bear
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Trick or Treat

One of my favorite habits that Polar used to have was coming to the back porch door, and sticking his giant head inside...he would stay there, so that we could not close the door, until he received a doggie biscuit.  Really anything edible would do.  We used to say, "Oh here comes Polar to trick or treat!"

This brings me to my point...and so begins the season of CANDY, CANDY, and more cellulite-inducing CRAP.  

It all starts with Halloween, and I KNOW you have all seen the myriad of black and orange specially wrapped candy in its OWN AISLE of the g-store.  Another reason I love/hate Whore Foods, no Hallo crap!

This 'fun' holiday, that I seem to vaguely remember stems from something to do with All Hallows Eve but I don't know a damn thing beyond that, is INFESTED with do-gooders trying to ply you everywhere you turn with CANDY.

You go to work, and sweet skinny people leave little chocolate morsels of heaven on your desk.  Oh and did I mention that they are click-clacking desk to desk in 7 inch heels and a vinyl Catwoman suit-plus a whip.  This is my nightmare...

And Horrorween is just the beginning of a psychotic holiday season where distant family members come to your house hell-bent on destroying your weight loss.  Ok, so again-this is my little nightmare.  I'm sure they actually want to spend family time together, too, but honestly to me holiday=good food since I gave food the power to make me fat.

So this year, I vow not to let the Horrorday Season spoil my Hot 100 plans and derail my weight loss.

This all starts with Horrorween-so how do I resist the Reesus demons-the cup I once deemed once of the human race's best inventions?  So maybe if I vow not to touch it then I won't be able to unwrap it, right? ;-)  There has to be an easier way other than hibernation until January...

What will you do to stay on plan?


Christina said...

Well for me there are one of two options. Avoid all sweets altogether or allow myself to have one piece or one bite. Right now I'm at the point where I can have just one piece, now will that be true when my kids have bags of chocolate candy sitting in my house all day while they are at school, bags that I use to sneak a couple pieces out of each day because I figured they wouldn't miss it, I don't know at that point I may just have to use my willpower to not touch it at all. Maybe I will have me something sweet but healthy in the house I can eat when that urge hits but right now I think I have the willpower to make it through Halloween; Thanksgiving and Christmas are another subject entirely.

Lanie Painie said...

Whoa man, settle down. :)

Bethanny said...

I am already pacing.... Where is the Panic Button??!!