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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to get your MoJo back

Ever feel like this in the morning?

Work your ass off all day, and come home to feel like this?

I KNOW you feel like this, as I read about 30 blogs last night all testifying to that fact.  Fall has sucked the MoJo out of your hoo-ha...or maybe work has, or the demanding family, or an asshole ex, or the stuck scale.

I am no different.  I pray each morning to come home so I can sleep, and I never do, instead lingering in a semi-coma watching full-coma-inducing TV.  Until I decide to exercise because I don't want to face my counselor and be up in pounds for the week.

So I'm sitting there this past Saturday, listening to someone else who had a bad week in with her counselor.  She was saying she just had to have some wine with dinner.  So the counselor says one glass is fine.  The gal says "Hahaha, well that's no fun!"  The counselor quips-"Who said it was going to be fun?"

And that is so true, but simply saying it doesn't cure the funk.  Personally I think that anything really worth pursuing is probably going to be a challenge, because if it was easy to accomplish everyone would do it, then it wouldn't be special, would it? Now don't misunderstand, losing weight is *not* special, it sucks donkey nuts, but the payoff is so, so sweet...  Right??  Well that is what I am feeding myself, and so far I'm drinking that Kool-Aid.  

But the mind isn't always logical, and the body certainly doesn't always buy that logic, does it?

So for those of you on an upswing-how did you regain your inner Chi-or whateverthefuck it is called?  How did you flip your mood and regain your MoJo?  

Share the love with the rest of us so we can smell what life has to offer again...

I know it's a struggle, but if my blind and deaf dog can find this flower, then I sure as shit should be able to...So where is your Magnolia???  

Happy  Tuesday!


Lanie Painie said...

Turn on some music and dance like a wild woman, whether or not you feel like it. 3 songs ought to do it. The dogs can join in. You will have fun, burn calories and laugh. Works for me every time.

Blubeari said...

I don't let it be a choice. I read on somebody's blog about it being like brushing your teeth. This resonates with me particularly because I HATE brushing my teeth. I despise it. But I do it. Because I have to. I don't think of my workouts as something that I might to or should do. They are something that I do. If they are planned, there is no choice. Not to say I don't have off days here and there. ;-)

Bethanny said...

This is me totally! I have to force myself to not be a slug. Then again, that is why I am a blob, because I did not force myself to move around in the first place Grrrrr, cocaine and lipo is how the hollywood people do it, i just don't have the money or tolerance for it... ha ha jk

Just Me said...

A lot of people are feeling sluggish at work too...no more sun here. Exercise does help with the Mo-Jo.

Ginger aka Gidget said...

A) Your dog is GORGEOUS. I LOVE your pup! So stinkin' cute. (As someone who has two hairless dogs, I have a special place for pups that stick out)

B) You know, sometimes I wonder as we work so hard to lose weight - what do the skinny people work hard at? LOL!

And I am totally cracking up at Bethanny's commentary. I think it's Marlboro's and Diet Coke in addition to the coke and lipo. Ha!

Polar's Mom said...

Lanie-thanks for the suggestion-the dogs do love it when I dance-the crazier the better apparently!

Blubeari-I agree-it should not be a choice, and I always end up working out, I just wish I was a little more jazzed to do it. ;-)

Bethanny-You crazy ass-don't make me post all science-y shit about coke and the heart! Haha But I think they prefer meth: the business persons drug of choice! So bunches of people die from being overweight, and bunches die from coke/meth etc-I wonder how they justify that over spending the same money with a trainer...

Just Me-In the south, I have had TOO much sun for a while, I would kill for some crisp chill to put some spring in my step! And yes, if my boss wasn't constantly micromanaging us all, our crappy moods would keep us down, too.

GG-Thanks for the compliments! Pearl and Pauli are two picture hams. That is an excellent point-what do skinny people do? Besides smoke and screw? At least in my mind that is what they do! If I smoked that much I wouldn't have a tongue left let alone tastebuds!

Sue said...

That is a gorgeous photo.

Now if you find the Mojo, can you please tell me where its hidden because maybe mines there too? I've looked in all the cupboards and under the bed, and even checked the refrigerator and its not there.

Waisting Time said...

I was thinking the same as Sue. My mojo has gone missing. But what I am learning is that it just takes one day to start building momentum. In either direction. So just one day of being on track makes the next day easier. One day at a time. And for me, I am also joining a challenge to see if that helps with the missing mojo thing.

Polar's Mom said...

Sue-I think my mojo could be hiding within a dozen or so cupcakes...but not sure. I wonder if further inspection is warranted. Ha!

Waisting Time-I might have to track me down a challenge, too...