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Polar Bear
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon

So I am watching Nana Banana, so my Mom and Dad can escape for a 'mental healthy day' (the casino).  Everything is sunnier after Texas Hold 'Em apparently.

So Nana has behaved, but tried to con me into getting Chinese food for us for dinner.  I tried to explain that I am on a diet.  She tried to tell me why I need to keep some weight on me to be healthy.  Um, hello?  Have you seen my ass lately?  That weight ain't coming off without some C4 and a spark.

This is the same woman who has loggaria (diarrhea of the mouth) and speaks before thinking-this isn't just a geriatric habit-she's been doing it for years.  I remember walking in on my Mom crying one day because my grandmother told her she was so fat she looked pregnant.  My Mom is 175 pounds.  Not an oompa loompa, mind you.

So I bring Nana back to earth and crush her wild dinner hopes.  Nice try, Granny, but it is good old chicken breast, carrots, and sweet potato for you.  She says it is boring.  I am so close to snapping at her that she doesn't KNOW what a boring diet is...damn old people. ;-)

Also spent some quality time with the doggies.  It's a nice day out, so Pearl was able to hang out all day.  She is quite the sunbather, and likes to guard the house from people walking like a half mile away.

That crazy ear is cute as hell, but doesn't work.  This is my blind and deaf girl.  I know it is hard to tell her apart from her bro, Polar.  She is the best damn watchdog I have ever had.  Seriously.  And she sounds like a junkyard dog when she lets her barks rip.  Scary stuff.  But what a mushball.  Love her to pieces.

I can tell she misses Polar, but she is pretty independent and likes the other dogs just fine.  Except Sadie, our little beast from the east-I think Pearl wants her on a cracker with some Brie.

Another funny thing...I got my parents Apple Shuffle's for Christmas last year, along with gift certificates to iTunes.  So I set it all up for them, but my Dad has been asking for months if I would come add more songs to his shuffle.  

He figures he would bring me his computer and since I have nothing else to do, I could put some songs on it for him for when he is working out at the gym.  I don't mind doing this, and definitely encourage him to work out.  So I get his list...

Um, yeah, it's long.  What is worse is that there are several songs such as 'To Sir with Love', that had a ? following it, then 'British?'  So as I am scrolling through the 50 or so versions of that song, I think, which one of these artists is British?  Dude...  Not to mention the old French songs, that are misspelled without artists mentioned...  I don't do French.

So this has also been a music history lesson.  Ah, computer illiterate parents, gotta love 'em.  I know I do!


Bethanny said...

Do we have the same grandmother?

Blubeari said...

haha, don't you love being an IT worker for the parents. :-)

Jennifer said...

Great post. You always make me chuckle :)

If you dont mind me asking how long ago did Polar pass? Pearl is just beautiful!! I wish I could have more but my girl (pitbull/hound mix-she is a rescue dog who is great with our family and kids) apparently doesnt care for other dogs :(


Polar's Mom said...

We put Polar down on April 18th of this year, and there are several things surrounding that day that continue to haunt me. One of which was that I didn't know enough to ask for the sedative before his final injection-we hadn't expected to have to put him to sleep then. It was a horrible thing to see, and if I can impart anything to anyone, it is if you ever have to make that call for your girl, please get the sedative. I'm sorry to be so morose after your light hearted comment, I guess the mood kind of took me...

Thank you for your kind words about Pearl, she is an angel, a sassy angel but an angel nonetheless. I always call her the supermodel because she is lean and prancy and a very picky eater. ;-)

Vanessa said...

I haven't been following your blog long but my heart goes out to you and your family. My husband and I had to put one of you dogs down last year and it still hurts.

Your baby girl looks adorable.

Yay for you for staying strong when tempation was knocking at you door.

Jennifer said...

When we had our "Boo" put down we were with him as well. He gave him an IV and it took seconds. He was very ill and seemed so unphased, or maybe he just knew. He was so very ill. And here come the tears...

The vet did say that if he couldnt get the IV in properly because he was dehydrated, then he would have to do a shot of medication and it takes about 20 minutes for a dog of his size. But luckily, they did get the IV in and it only took seconds, I relive that day in the vets office all of the time in my head. My heart totally goes out to you as I have been there. In my case, it isnt that I am forgetting about him, it is that when I think of him I am still so sad. A dog that once made me so happy now makes me so sad to think about. I am sad for myself, not for the wonderful life he lived.