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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shake Your Tailfeather

So my foray into iTunes hell today made me want to add more songs to MY iPod.  But I specifically need to add booty-movers to my exercise playlist.

In the honor of that, I was wondering if you could all tell me what songs make you pick up your pace during a workout, or even want to move in the first place.  I'll list a few of mine to motivate you all...but I really like all music!  Looking forward to hearing your input!

Bad Romance-Lady Gaga
Maneater-Nelly Furtado
Mr. Brightside-The Killers

And a little nightly inspiration for your sweet dreams...Nobody makes sleep look better than Ms. Pearl!


Aliana said...

Ms Pearl is so cute!!!

Sexyback- Justin Timberlake (of course)
Crazy in LOve-Beyonce
Sex is on Fire- Kings of Leon
Baby youve got what it takes-Michael Buble
Pencil Full of Lead -Paolo Nutini

Allan said...

1) Tap That- Megan McCauley
2) Go Speed Racer Go- Ali Dee
3) Mercy Me- Alkaline Trio
4) Potential Breakup Song- Aly & AJ
5) Warm Me Up- The Audition
6) Girlfriend Remix ft. Lil’ Mama- Avril Lavigne
7) Sk8er Boi- Avril Lavigne
8) Pump it- The Black Eyed Peas
9) Dirty Little Secret- All-American Rejects
10) Runaway- Bon Jovi
11) The Great Escape- Boys Like Girls
12) Listen To Your Heart Remix- DHT
13) Love In Your Arms- Eleventyseven
14) Crocodile Rock- Elton John
15) I could get used to this- Everlife
16) Thanks for the Mem- Fall Out Boy
17) The Rockafeller Skank- Fatboy Slim
18) Rock Star- Hannah Montana
19) Pain- Three Days Grace
20) Pain- Jimmy Eat World
21) Never Again- Kelly Clarkson
22) Papercut- Linkin Park
23) Manic- Michael Sembello
24) Everything is Alright- Motion City Soundtrack
25) Perfect Teeth- Motion City Soundtrack
26) Animals- Nickelback
27) Savin’ Me- Nickelback
28) Caught in the Rain- October Fall
29) Hey Ya- Outkast
30) Breathe Into Me- Red
31) The Pirates who don’t do anything- Relient K
32) What I Like About You- The Romantics
33) Take your Mama Out- The Scissor Sisters
34) When I’m with you- Simple Plan
35) Take My Hand- Simple Plan
36) Your Love is a Lie- Simple Plan
37) Running Out of Time- Simple Plan
38) Run- Snow Patrol
39) Bouncing Off the Walls- Sugarcult
40) Keep On, Keepin- Tech n9ne
41) Cobrastyle- Teddybears
42) Hey Boys- Teddybears
43) With Me Tonight- The USed
44) LEave Me Alone- The Veronicas
45) Joker and the Theif- Wolfmother
46) Woman- Wolfmother
47) La Grange- ZZ Top

Bethanny said...

Allan Wtf I would never think you would listen to Hannah Montana. Awesome :)

Tamika said...

Lmaooo @ Bethany's comment! I wanna be a rockstar!!!!!!!!! My stepdaughter loves that song!

Polar's Mom said...

Ha Ha
Allan reminded me of a few:

To see you again-Miley Cyrus
Animal I Have Become-3 days grace
So Much for the Afterglow-Everlast?
Paper Heart-All American Rejects
Faint-Linkin Park

Christina said...

BulletProof- by la roux always gets me working hard

Crazy Fat Girl said...

A few of my favorites right now are:
Troublemaker - Weezer
Toxic - Brittany Spears
Bombs over bagdad - Outkast
Noise Brigade - Might Might Bostones
Kiss me deadly - Reel Big Fish

What a great idea! I wrote down a bunch to check out on iTunes myself!

Lala said...

Here are my current workout favorites:
Just Fine: Mary J. Blige
Ridin' Solo: Jason DeRulo
Once Chance: M&M
Hand Clap: Girl Talk
Paper Planes: M.I.A.
#1: Nelly
I got a feelin': Black-eyed-Peas
Just Dance: Lady Gaga