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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gluttony: 9.18.10-Crazy Low Fat/Cal Tacos!

I LUUURVE Mexican Food.  Obviously dieting means NO real mexi food.  But I have become desperate, so I came up with this truly awesome recipe that I made for dinner tonight.  It really does stand up to the original-it's not perfect, but definitely tasty!  I am a super picky eater and I recommend this.

Polar's Super Low Fat/Cal Tacos:

Bibb lettuce-for the wrap-4 pieces used above
Ground game meat(I used free range Longhorn)-7oz
Low sodium taco seasoning for meat-1/4 tsp
Kraft shredded fat free cheese-1oz
Guacamole(homemade)-2 tsp
Salsa(homemade)-2 tsp
Tapatio hot sauce-1/2 tsp

Brown beef with seasoning, apply all other ingredients into bibb shell.

I bought this local Longhorn beef today, having never tried it before.  It tasted like ground steak, and is super lean like other game meat.  
7oz=280 calories and 7.4g fat-which makes it leaner and lower cal than both turkey and chicken!  Needless to say I would recommend it.

For the guacamole, I used 1/4 small avocado mashed up, with two chopped grape tomatoes and 1tbsp chopped onion, a dash of salt and pepper and 1 tsp lime juice.

For the salsa I roasted tomatillos and tomatoes, blended them, and combined them with minced jalapenos, onions, garlic, salt, pepper, and lime juice.

You can make these even lower cal if you skip the guacamole, but the omegas are great in there...

Happy weekend!


Karla said...

Love the lettuce idea!!

Polar's Mom said...

It is nice, and sadly I cannot take credit, as I think Chili's makes a lettuce wrap with some kind of stir fry chicken. I bet it would be good with rice in there, too. Fresh tortillas are hard to beat (shout out to Taco Cabana's version), but the fat in them can stun a pig.

I'm Annie said...

Ooooh, I just licked my screen! Looks delicious. :)

moderate-mama said...

I love that you whipped up the guacamole and salsa yourself...so much healthier that way!

Motivated Mama

Polar's Mom said...

I hate to admit that whipping up guacamole is old hat for me. True it is the 'good' fat, but still... The salsa is much more of a stretch for me, and I have a bunch frozen..

Lala said...

This looks great! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Waisting Time said...

Last year I was on a major taco salad kick. No chips or tortillas. Just the seasoned meat with cheese and tomatoes and black beans over lettuce.

Bethanny said...

Tapatio is the best hot sauce, EVER.

Polar's Mom said...

I really like Cholula, too... And use Tobasco on any non-Mexican food.