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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seriously who wears these things?

Many of you know that my goal is a size 6-which should be around 160 pounds for me.  So in all my insanity, I ordered a pair of size 6 jeans to know exactly what the hell I got myself into.  Ok, so I bought 4 pairs.  Shut up, I like to shop instead of eat now, so sue me.

And I was astonished to find that they look like CHILDRENS' jeans.  Um, I'm not kidding.  Who the hell wears these damn things other than prepubescent teens with NO hipbones?

Just to give you some 'perspective', I took a comparative picture...

Gee-can you tell which ones I wear at this time???  The size 14 on the left if you are a bit lost.

So the waist isn't too scary to imagine-there is only about a 4-5 inch difference between the two pairs.  What is truly frightening is the slim hips and even slimmer legs.  Good God-I think my bicep is currently the same circumference as the calf region on these stunners.  Amendment-Yes the bottom of these jeans fits around my upper bicep-how depressing.

If you think I am being dramatic-take a peek next time you take little Lucy for new school clothes.

My thought is-even if I lose ALL my fat-will my muscle and hip bones ever allow me to be a size 6?  Anyone been in this situation and not had a problem with the lower sizes?  

I realize I am getting ahead of myself, but I am trying to stay focused on a positive future.


Allan said...

Jeans is life I was told this morning, as the wife scored a pair of Joe's Jeans at Anthropolgie today for 19.95 on clearance. PS the race is in October, 2011 as I noted. That will be hard enough, not 2 weeks...Love that

Polar's Mom said...

Duh, I thought it was October 11th. Ha! Tell her to check out Stitch's Jeans and Genetic Denim, I bet she likes 'em.

Just Me said...

Hey, I just wanted to thank you so much for the well thought out response to my post today. Interesting point of view. I love it! Yep, those jeans look small.

Polar's Mom said...

Funny thought Just Me....Haha, maybe I'll go from being a large child to a small adult and fit in those kiddie jeans.

Susan said...

Hey, Polar's Mom -

I started Medifast almost 6 weeks ago... and my friend Michele (who I assume was googling MF blogs) ran across yours and sent it to me - as I told M, I love your spirit and dedication... not to mention your love for your dog (my Rocky, a Shih-tzu, turned 15 this past March... :-)

I look forward to hearing more about your ongoing journey... and sharing mine as well - Medifast is a sacrifice and a struggle, but it is definitely successful if one sticks to it (I've lost 21 pounds so far!)...


Polar's Mom said...

Thank Susan, and welcome to my humble blog for my humble dog!. Congrats on your excellent loss so far! Sounds like you and I are at just about the same week on Medifast. I look forward to getting to know you and reading about your journey and hopefully your Lean and Green meals! ;-)

It's All About the Sue said...

Size 6 - it is a shock when yu actully compare them like that. you'll do it. I will have to check out that brand of jeans you mentioned. i scored a pair of Joes for 19.95 which since we also own a high end clothing store I know my price for them is 72.00 wholesale. and I got a pair of AG for $49.95 which is anothor score (those are actully cigarette leg - skinny jeans).
now I just need more shoes... boots etc for the fall - whoo hoooo

Polar's Mom said...

I heard about your Joe's jeans-good snag. So does your clothing store have a website-I have a shopping addiction if you haven't heard. ;-) Can't wait to see your new skinny jeans! I came across a cool boot brand called Naughty Monkey-they are really cute and look walkable, too.