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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My First Award!

Lanie Painie gave me an award-YAY!!!!!!!  Thanks a bunch, that is so sweet of you!

Ok, 10 things I like...

1.  Sarcasm-thank you, Sir, may I have another?
2. Crystal Light-in spite of the odd aftertaste
3.  Food that makes me fat-Duh
4.  Caribbean Stud Poker-though I'm not sure if it likes me
5.  Travel-Dream of going to Ireland some day
6.  Rescuing dogs-like 'em better than most people
7.  Cooking shows-those who can't cook-teach, those who can't teach-eat, those who can't eat-drool on the remote
8.  Private Jets-got one in my backyard (see #1)
9.  Men with Australian/New Zealand/Irish accents-oh and of course men with Iowa accents (love u honey)
10.  Tempurpedic mattress-worth every penny, no sarcasm added

Ten blogs to pass this to:
1.  poundsoffplayoff.com
2.  bigbeautifulme.blogspot.com
3.  moderatemeans.blogspot.com
4.  waistingtimeblog.com
5.  donuttherapy.blogspot.com (even though you just got this)
6.  believingitspossible.blogspot.com
7.  justanotherweigh.blogspot.com
8, 9, and 10-nominate yourself here!

Winners of this award need to list 10 things they like and nominate 10 blogs who haven't received this award yet...


Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Thanks Polar! I appreciate it. Keep up the blogging and the weight loss!

Waisting Time said...

I am drinking Crystal Light right now! Sarcasm - I live with it every day in my husband and now my sons. Funny how they learned it from him. (Or not so funny.) I watch the cooking competitions - and my boys like them too! Yesterday the teen came home and asked if Top Chef had recorded yet! And, yep, same mattress.

Thanks so much for the award:) I have gotten this one before and am pretty much out of things to say so will just thank you here.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Thanks for the award! :) Woo Hoo... I love awards!
I like crystal light too and I will have to check out the tempurpedic mattress - we need to switch here. Are they firm mattresses or really expensive?

Oh, and I'm with you on number 9 too.... love Hugh Jackman!! ;)


Allan said...

Love me some Whole Foods. Love to visit there all flush with fifties, and leave all flush with nickels... I saw the variety, all pretty. My fish guy at the restaurant gets me Wild salmon for $3.95 per lb whole. I have the cook filet some, bring it home, etc.. Better than burgers.. Kinda spoiled like that... Not sure what happened with the screamer, except the truth sometimes is scary. I feel oddly not responsible, although I am.. Argh..

Polar's Mom said...

Allan-you lucky dog. Though I have to admit I would not know what to do with a whole fish-though I did see some nice Snapper at WholeFoods, too. I wish I could find some unbreaded Crab Cakes ANYWHERE. You know a good recipe for that or a good wholesaler that I can get a bunch shipped to me? And I wish I didn't agree about the cost at WF, but I do... I think we will stick with getting our produce at the Farmers Market-waaaay cheaper.

Bethanny said...

Have you had the Crystal Light Pure Fitness? I really like it, and it does not have that twangy after taste. P.S. Your first 3 are dead on. Are you long lost sis? Papa was a rolling stone, so maybe!!

Polar's Mom said...

Thanks for topping by Bethanny! I have had the Crystal Light fitness, but honestly, I think my taste buds are dead because I need more flavor than most. I actually only add 12 ounces or so to a to-go pack to make them extra strong! Sick puppy, I know. My husband was shocked when we got together, I spice the shit out of ALL my foods, hence my water retention issues, and he is from the mild spicing midwest. Love me some Tobasco!