Polar Bear

Polar Bear
My Boy

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

There once was a chunky lass...

There once was a chunky lass
Who had a quite jiggly ass
She longed for some lean
Like during her teens
So desserts she decided to pass.

This mission was nothing but hard
Like cooking without any lard
So grill she did try
The burnt foods made her cry
But hubby ate and wasn't a bastard

No cheese was allowed on this plan
Though veggies were not in the ban
She so longed for cheddar
To make her feel better
But rather became a salad fan

So long is the row she must hoe
To become a healthy skinny doe
Towards losing her tub
Until her thighs don't rub
So the road less traveled she will go.

Love me some Robert Frost!
Have a good night...