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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When Family Time means College Football

To my husband, college football is the time of year that he loves most.  He sits...and watches.  From 11 in the morning until 11 at night.  Every Saturday.

And that is fine, as I love college football, too.  The problem lies in the secondary act to watching-sitting.
But I am not immune to commercials.

For anyone who has ever watched sporting events-there are two prominent features in the commercials-erectile dysfunction pharmaceuticals and food.

Thankfully, I eat pretty healthy anyway, but if you are like me-just seeing food commercials makes me hungry.  Not necessarily for the fried crap in them, but to eat MORE food. 'Enhance' your football watching experience and stuff your face, they say.  Or at least that is what I hear...
And let's face it, no matter the nosh, people can definitely get fat on pretty healthy food-my case and point is typing this post.

So this year I will retrain myself-somehow.  Maybe I will endlessly search the web.  Plan a trip.  Do some physics for fun.  Hell, it WOULD occupy me-if confusion leads to non-food thoughts that is...

Problem is marketing-sports channels and networks realize that people sitting and watching their broadcasts are really only going to think about two other things during the game.  Food and Sex.  After all, what else do men need to survive?  LOL

But honestly it seems while creating more buttery couch potatoes out of one side of their mouths-corporate America then swoops in with healthy crap and gym advertisements on women's channels.  Ever watch WE or Oxygen?  It's all Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers and ProActiv commercials.

What does this actually mean?  Men need food and sex, and women need crisp clear skin and less body fat.  Hmmm...  Yes, I put too much damn hummus and turkey burgers in my mouth, but since I'm in a hungry belligerent mood and since this is my damn blog, I'll rant from my 'it sucks to be a woman in this society' soapbox.  Dammit I like sex and food, too!  And I firmly believe ProActiv needs to hit the bacne (back-acne) market on ESPN.  After all-zits are a side-effect of steroids.

So here's to wishing you a fun, low cal College Football kind of day tomorrow.  Friggin' Johnsonville Brats.

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Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Funny stuff. Good luck with your plan. Gotta go back and think about college football and...