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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sending out some love two weeks early

My husband doesn't ask for much...and I did give him a shoutout for his housework in a post a few days back.  And he jokingly said, 'that's all I get?'.  Maybe he was fishing for a BJ...(warning:  gals if you don't know what a BJ is, don't google or ask your kids).

But you know what?  My husband deserves a shoutout, and not just because it is the month of love.

'Cause this man is incredible.

When I met him, I was a size 8, and 6 pounds heavier than I am now.  This was the guy who NEVER said ANYTHING about me needing to lose weight, but was supportive of anything I wanted to try to be healthy.  This guy watched me balloon up to over 245 pounds-because I was actually over 245 at our wedding, I just didn't 'do' scales then.

And he still wanted me in the bedroom, and he didn't cringe or walk apart from me when I would go out in his huge sweatpants and greasy hair because I didn't give a flying fuck about how I looked.  He gave me space when I didn't want sex for months because I felt like a nasty piece of shit.  He stood next to me at City Hall when we got married, even though I looked AWFUL, and was as wide as he is tall.  Unfortunately, I am not kidding about that proportion.

Before you think or say that he should have tried to encourage me to lose weight or watch my eating, read back into my posts and get to know me...that isn't something that would EVER fly with me.  It would have had the opposite effect and I would have hated him-after throwing a world-tilting tantrum.  I'm not a nice person who handles criticism-it wouldn't have gone over well.  Understatement.

My hubs is 6'4", and 215 pounds.  He wears XXL because it is the only size long enough for his limbs.  When I started wearing his huge clothes, and buying all XXL for myself because they FIT my girth and chunka-lunk cottage-cheesy thighs, he didn't blink.

He has completely forgone foods that he used to love, because he knows that my just knowing that he eats them would drive me insane.  Again read this: I am not a tolerant person.  He needs to lose NO weight, in fact when I met him he was too skinny.  But he works out because he knows it serves to spur me on-because I am competitive and need an opponent.  He figures it might as well be him, instead of myself.  He helped me to stop fighting myself.

This man did exactly the right things to be there for me, because he TOOK THE TIME to know me well enough to know that I would eventually reach my fat tipping point, and would make the changes I needed by myself.

This man does the housework the majority of the time, and I really do not do enough to help.  He ate my rubbery hockey puck scallops that stunk of fish stench, though he HATES fish-this is huge, trust me. ;-)

He drives me to work whenever I ask, gets me gas before I even brush my teeth in the morning, and loves my crazy dysfunctional family-and the dysfunctional me to boot!

Did I mention he is a hot piece of ass and younger than me?  Yeah, I'm lucky.  Somehow I got the full package in spite of myself, and I don't do enough to show him how much.

So here's to you, honey...I may have had to venture to Iowa to find you, but it was well worth the trip, and I'd do it all again 1000 times over-in a snowmageddon blizzard.

So here is my New Year resolution, a tad late but equally as well-intentioned:  I'm going to work on being the wife you really deserve-with maybe a BJ or two in there to boot.  I love you forever, wimmer. 


The Ninja said...

This is so sweet. I'm so glad that you have someone who makes you feel this way. Good for you and a great big "atta boy" your great guy.

Thanks for the comment yesterday, I plugged more water and came home and went to bed, I guess it took more out of me then I realized, I was whooped.

Julie said...

Thank you for sharing your great man. I don't know how long you've been together but think of this, it just gets better. Truly it does. My hubs has taken care of me for just about 31 years and has lived through thick and thicker, working on thin.
Take care my friend. Give that hubby a huge hug, kiss and ....BJ next time he deserves it.
God Bless!!

Kelly said...

That is so freakin' sweet. Way to go--not many good dudes out there.

PS: Thanks for your comment on my blog. You made some excellent points and have given me something to think about. Thank you so much!

Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

Awww, what a great guy, your post while giving him kudos truly shows how much this man loves you!

Waisting Time said...

This made me smile. Lovely tribute to a lovely guy.

Bethanny said...

Your hubby sounds Zack Morris amazing.

Ash said...

Aww, this is awesome. =D Makes me think of Adam in such a warm, fuzzy way, indeed.

And, thank you. I need someone to kick me in the ass hardcore - going easy on me isn't gonna help, I'm wagering. ;)

Call me Ishmael said...

Yay for great hubbies! A good partner makes all the difference in the world. You've got a winner there, from the sounds of it. And nothing less than you deserve, from what I can tell. Thanks so much for visiting my blog; I do enjoy your comments! Always make me feel better, no matter what! Give your great guy a hug on me.

Shannon said...

that is awesome! my hubs is the same way and i love him for it. So glad you got yourself a great guy :)

Ann said...

It's wonderful to have our own personal cheerleaders, supporters, motivators and encouragers!! I'm so happy you have someone who can love you no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Awwww...what a wonderful post! Your hubby sounds like a terrific man, and I'm so glad you have him in your life. :)

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Wonderful tribute.... go easy on the curses, m'dear, little hard for an 'ol Mormon girl to read! But I loved reading about your fabulous hubs! What a winner and how blessed you are to have someone who loves you like that! I'm sure he could say just as many wonderful things about you too! You do have a gift of writing, ya know!! :)


Auntie Mandy said...


Mrs. D said...

This is so sweet!! Your husband deserves one, big time! Our partners are supposed to be our biggest supporters, but it's rarely the case unfortunately. I'm glad you found an awesome partner!

Anonymous said...

Love this post!!We must have the two best men out there. My hubby is allot like yours and always loves me and wants me whatever size I am. Sometimes I forget how special that is and take it for granted. Must change that. STAT.

paulawannacracker said...

woah... sounds like you have a great guy... can he have a talk with my hubby please? Just joking. You're very lucky to have such a champion by your side. My hubby is great but he eats completely different than me which is a huge challenge.

I bet when hubby reads the post, he's gonna be all smiles....

Life as a Caterpillar said...

This is a cool post. I always hoped you would elaborate on your happy ending, and i am so pleased you finally got a partner you deserved



Rapunzel said...

Aww! He sounds like a keeper! But, then, of course you deserve only the best! xoxoxo