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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home Alone

So I was home alone today, as my husband had to work.  And the Demons crept out-I capitalize Demons because I think they deserve respect, and a little bit of fear.  If I don't take them seriously, then I don't think I will ever defeat them.

Back to the Demons-screaming at me to eat just one of this or a bit of that.  And whaddaya know, the fat me was agreeing with them.  Lyn from Escape from Obesity recently posted about a conversation in a restaurant with her inner food nazi.  And she had it right.  Essentially I agree that giving in quiets the screaming baby, until it screams louder next time to be held, coddled, nurtured-all the way up to being bed-ridden and having me nurse it for the rest of my shortened life.

In a desperate attempt to distract myself, I did laundary, and washed dishes...and yes, you called it-surfed eBay.  But something happened on that lovely site, instead of checking out the shoes-which will fit a girl at any size, I decided to look at size 6 dresses.  Dresses I could potentially be wearing next February, and that I could wear to my in-laws wedding next June.  Dresses so shockingly short, they leave nothing to the imagination.  And I thought about my cousin, the black sheep.  Showing up to family funerals and weddings alike in tight bandage dresses-fake boobs spilling out the top.  And I thought, OMG.  I could be her!  As early as next February!  Slutting about!!  Yipee!

Mind you I won't, because I fear I will always see the fat girl in the mirror.  But after my eBay stint today, I look forward to dresses-cut short and cut low.  And not fearing any cellulite showing should the wind blow.  The Demons made a hasty retreat in the face of thigh-high minis and clingy wraps.  Ah...February can't come soon enough.

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Debbie said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I to have the home alone demons and I have to stay really busy or I will eat to get rid of them. I love the pictures of your babies. I have three and keep pictures on my blog. Have a nice day. I wanted to be one of your followers, but I could not figure out how.. Let me know..