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Polar Bear
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Joey Chestnut-the best dieting boost out there

Ok, I love eating as much as the next chunky monkey, but seriously-Joey Chestnut is ridiculously talented. I say talented because I have no idea how he hollowed out his leg to get all those hotdogs to stay down.  And I wonder if he really likes anything that he competitively eats...Hmm...

But as for Mr. Chestnut, he is quite a sight to see when he competes.  And I hate hot dogs.

So as I sit and watch the latest episode of Shaq vs., when he challenges Joey Chestnut, I think this is one night when I will not be hungry in an hour.  No offense to Joey, but his method of hacking back dogs (sorry that is what it looks like), gives a slight impression that the food has every chance of being hacked back up.  Which subsequently makes me want to toss my flavorless low sugar cookies.

So after starving my ass off last night while watching MasterChef (not my brightest moment), I deeply thank Mr. Chestnut from the bottom of my semi-enlarged heart for helping me stick to my diet tonight.

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