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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best Vacations to Prolong Weight Loss

For many, including yours truly, going on vacation means a break from the routine.  This may include hotels, eating out in new restaurants, sleeping in, etc.

Like many of you, I enjoy a good vacation...my last vacation was to Las Vegas in July prior to 'the diet'.  Boy did we have fun.  It was only 3 nights, but we ate and gambled ourselves into a broke glucose stupor.

I researched restaurants beforehand, and prided myself on picking three places that were higher class (read: more expensive) than the typical fare of which we usually partake.

First night we ate at one of Wolfgang Puck's restaurants-I had the Australian Kobe version of a filet (6 oz) with mushrooms and red wine reduction, half of a shared Yukon gold potato puree, and half of a chocolate eruption souflee.  Heaven, let me tell you.

Next was an Italian restaurant where I had risotto for the first time, and a seafood spicy linguine medley.  Let's just say the next day I wished I had crammed it all into my mouth as I was angry that I left something behind on my plate.  Too good, and not to badly priced.

Third night was at one of Mario Batali's restaurants, again I had a filet, and some of a strange mashed potato dish with egg in it.  Not a great meal, but better than what I could cook.

In between all of that, we lost about a months worth of rent.  But had a blast.  Did I mention we were staying at the Palazzo for FREE???  Well, obviously it wasn't free, but it was great.

So yesterday I bitched about being bored with life, and many times before I have complained that I need a vacation planned at least in order to feel WHOLE and HAPPY.  Yes, I am strange-I blame it on my gypsy upbringing where we moved and traveled all over.

One of my co-workers actually told me yesterday that I need a vacation, and knowing my weight loss plight, we started thinking about possible places.

I love Vegas, it is fun and there is always stuff to do, but let's face it, it is a food mecca and would be tough to eat healthy there and get a workout in...

Cruises are also fun I have heard, but they are floating buffets where people often gain weight, right?

So how do you go on vacation and have fun without coming back with an extra fanny pack on the inside?

One thought I had was going skiing, that way we would be working out 6-8 hours a days and wouldn't have to worry too much about watching calories or examining food preparation.

Actually, that was the only good idea I had.  Planning to rent a room with a kitchenette and cooking every night is a great idea, but I admit would never come to fruition I assure you.

So where do you go to have fun and yet keep your weight off?  I realize vacations in the summer months are slim on activities, that is why I am asking all the smartest people I know for suggestions!!! 


Amy @ Findingfitme said...

I have been on a ton of vacations this year, including NY and Vegas. Only 1 of the 6 did I gain any weight. I still ate, I enjoyed some yummy food but there is a few things that made it work for me. I enjoyed the food but didn't overeat. I kept my portions low. I was always on the move. A few of the vacays we rented houses. We used www.vrbo.com, great site. You can control what you eat. I decided this year that renting houses is not a vacation for me. I am a stay at home mom so I am doing the same things, cooking, laundry and doing dishes. Choose a place where you can be active and have some control over your food. A cruise would probably be a bad idea.

fatgirlwearingthin said...

I am SO glad that you are in the planning stages. This is sure to get you moving to better days. As for places to go, I don't know if you like to hike, but my husband and I go to the Smoky Mountains every year, stay in a wonderful (luxurious) cabin and hike during the day. We burn off so many calories that we can pretty much eat whatever we want. And the wildlife is amazing. So many good things about Tennessee in general. What do you like to do? That may help in picking a place....

Auntie Mandy said...

I was thinking a cruise would be a good idea because even though it is a floating buffet, you can make good choices, like fruits and veggies. They usually have tracks, pools, and workout rooms. Then you can go hiking at all of the destination points. If there isn't a weight loss cruise line out there, there should be!

Waisting Time said...

I've never been to Vegas. I did take two cruises and, yes, food-filled. Last year I went on two vacations and managed not to gain weight. It was less about the location and more about my motivation at the time. It was very hard to eat healthy while away - for us, we love to find great restaurants and I hated having to choose my meals for the health factor not the taste. But, when I got home with no gain, I was a happy camper.

Michele said...

Since I have been on this healthy journey, I have been on vacation in several places, including LA, Yosemite and even to Spain (but this was work). Each time I do what I have learned to do: plan and plan some more. Since I am counting calories, II check on line as much as possible for calorie counts for restaurants or eateries that I think we will go to. I often order salads with no dressing. I take extra 100 calorie food snacks with me so that there is no excuse to revert to old habits. I plan on a few indulgences (like an In and Out burger) and budget them in my daily count. In short: yes, you can go on vacation and eat healthy with planning. The vacation becomes the event, not the food. You can do it, too.

Sue said...

why not try a health retreat? somewhere you could be pampered and eat gourmet food prepared for you, no fuss no muss, all you get to do is lay around the pool/spa, get your feet massaged, do some shopping ...... sounds lovely, maybe Bali or Thailand

OMG, had to pop back to say my posting security word was frump!

Lanie Painie said...

haha frunp! poor sue!

I was going to suggest a spa or a Richard Simmons cruise. Hiking is good too. Here is an awesome hiking spot with lots of cabins to rent where you could cook your own food. Hills, caves, waterfalls. . . .lots of nature an beauty. http://www.hockinghills.com/