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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Strange Addictions

So I watched this new show last night, and in addition to becoming hooked, saw something very interesting.

While one poor girl was seeking therapy for her blow dryer addiction, her therapist suggest she write a letter to her addiction.

In this letter she was to state what it had done for her, how it made her happy, how it had hurt her and why she was moving on.  A Dear John letter of sorts...

I am not a 'let's write letters to our soul' kind of gal, but I thought this was interesting-the positives and negatives reviewed at this crappy time of the year for me is maybe just what I need to refuel my vengeance against fat.

So here it goes...

Dear Red-headed Food Addiction,

I have enjoyed our time together over the past four years, but I think we should see other people now.

See, while I was unsatisfied with my career path, you comforted me in the privacy of my own home.  But now that I have gone back to school to pursue a career I love, I don't need that comfort anymore.

When I was bored and snowed in, or it was too hot to go outside, you gave me something to bide my time in between crappy TV shows or emails from home.  Though with parka coats and air conditioning, there is no excuse not to go outside really, and live life in the fresh air!

When I broke up with my boyfriend(s), you welcomed me at all hours of the day, and never judged me or left me or cheated on me.  Now that I am married, for good I hope, I have someone else to love in the middle of the night, I don't need your endorphin lust.

When I was in the 200's, I enjoyed your company a little here and there, and never felt huge-till that day forever caught in pictures.  Now I can't believe I let you lead me on little by little for so long, and I followed over the cliff like a lemming so I am totally to blame there...but you were just so damn GOOD tasting.

However, losing Polar was rough, it was a time I would normally turn to food.  And though I miss him terribly, I'm not ready to see him-not just yet.  So I need to say goodbye to you.

It is time we parted ways, sure I will still see you at least three times a day, but I will keep it short-say hello, then continue walking down the road, or better yet-running down the road.  See I can't quit you-not completely, but I can give you a restraining order so you keep your distance so that I can live other parts of life without your screaming in my ear.  So keep an eye out-that check is in the mail.

Polar's Mom


Lanie Painie said...

I love it. Once upon a time started a blog featuring letters to inanimate obects but never followed through with it. I sometimes use the idea on my current blog when certain things, like an eliptical machine for instance, begin to haunt me in daily life as actual beings. Freaky fun it is!

jennifer said...

I love it!!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Very nicely written... that food addiction better stay away! :)

Happy New Year!!


fatgirlwearingthin said...

This sounds like one of those healing-type things that therapists ask for, just so you can purge your feelings and then be rid of them. Although it's the 'getting rid of them' part that I haven't quite yet figured out. I really need to write a letter like this, but I'm honestly afraid of what I'd say. Might be good homework for me. Thanks for being so honest with your post.

Life as a Caterpillar said...

This is fantastic- really thougth provoking- plus i can hear ya on so many of those points.

I wish you all the very best for your goals in the New Year, and if you don't mind,i may consider doing something like this in tomorrows blog post?


Sue said...

No a Dear John letter writer my arse! That was really good, I think you could start giving Allan a run for his money on the 'creative writting' :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Too many typos in the last post -

Wow, it's been a long time, Polar. I checked out your side-bar quickly and I'm seeing awesome results - wtg. I also see that you live in Haagendasville now ;-)

Great post. I watched that show too. Did you try the toilet paper???

Jennifer said...

LOVE THIS! And very well put!

Thanks for your comment. I am hoping all is DOWNHILL from here!!! Although getting back into the physical workouts will be uphill for a bit for sure. fingers crossed! I was thinking the other day how I really would love to get back on Medifast to refocus myself. I am still in discussion about it...with myself..hehe.


Jennifer said...

Oh...and I was totally fascinated by that show last night too...

Karla said...