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Polar Bear
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Get that license plate!

Because I've been hit by a truck...or so it seems lately.  I sit down at my desk at work and my lids start to droop and the low and steady hum of the lab machines makes me want to put my head down and....NOOO.  No sleeping at work!  Micromanaging boss would not approve...

The past few mornings, I have felt like I had run a marathon or had been probed by aliens all night-and not good looking aliens...

Maybe it is because I am getting to a lower weight that I need to work out more to get off the same amount of weight each week.  Needless to say I have been pulling doubles on the elliptical for an hour and a P90X video each night.
So maybe I am working out too much, as I can honestly say that I haven't felt this drowsy since before I started the diet.  Usually I feel great, but even my brain feels sluggish when I try to form sentences.

Maybe it's just Christmas coming and I'm all a-twitter, or maybe I'm just pissed to be working in an empty lab.

And boy do my boobs hurt-I did the chest P90X DVD which includes 50 different kinds of push ups-who knew boobs could be so sensitive!
 But enough of my bitching, because Christmas is around the corner!!  So have a good one and...

A good rule for spending time with family!

Hot 100 update:
1.  Hopefully this week will be a loss
2.  Hope to get to 185 by new years
3.  No days over 2k calories-unfortunately ;-)


Bethanny said...

Sore boobs? BOOO!!! That sounds painful. I think you could be over doing it! Are you getting enough protein? I am going to weight myself when I go home tomorrow. Im nervous because I have been a
picker" this week. Nothing too bad, but still picked at something that should have not touched my lips!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Sorry you're so tired! Hopefully your body will forgive you and bounce back the other way! Keep up the awesome exercise though. I didn't think boobs COULD hurt from exercise? I'm scared of that exercise video!

Michele said...

You are rocking the exercise. Wow! Careful though.

Read your post, too, about Polar. He must have been a great boy. I love our puppy (my term-he is 11) terribly. I call him my boy too. Let us know if you decide on Pippin.

Take care and Merry Christmas! Michele

Waisting Time said...

That's a lot of exercising! I hope I have P90X under my tree today. Merry Christmas!

Karla said...

Merry Christmas