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Friday, December 3, 2010

Time is on my side

Last week I had a pretty good 4.5 lb loss in spite of my two bite Thanksgiving ( I was only allowed two bites of everything but turkey).

However, I fear I have begun to 'play' the system in that I realize what I need to do to weigh in better on Saturdays.

I find if I eat earlier, and drink tea and un-crystal lighted water on Friday night, that I retain less water.  And many of you know that water retention is my strong suit-I'm a freaking camel, people.

Also, a crap is a must, but that is hard to come by when my intake is pretty light overall.

Though I yearn for the scale tomorrow, because if all goes well and I lose at least 2 pounds from last week, I will have lost 50 pounds overall.  I realize nothing is certain though, after my gain a few weeks ago, in spite of adherence to the diet.  Damn that estrogen.

But now that I am moving towards fitness, I find that my life is all about milestones.  Ones I want to create and then attain.  I WANT to plan-I have become a bit OCD about this.  Like I NEED to have a vacation planned to look forward to, I NEED to enter myself in academic competitions in the hopes of winning, I NEED to buy things in my goal size 6.  Maybe it is the thrill of the competition, adrenaline from what is to come, excitement over getting beautified...haven't figured that out yet.  Not sure if this is another addiction replacing food... 

But what I do know is that now that I am skinnifying, I NEED to better myself and attain more in all areas.  What an odd feeling.  I used to yearn for the day when I would wake up and feel like I have everything I want-that nothing more would make me happy.  Now when I wake I think what can I do, plan, strive towards today...

In keeping with this spirit, I have made a list of things that I want to do/improve about myself sooner rather than later this year...
1.  Obviously reaching goal weight is #1
2.  Keep up with my Botox, it makes me feel good to see less wrinkles
3.  I want to get my chest peeled/lasered because I have sun poisoning scars
4.  I want to get the xmas decorations up soon
5.  I'd like to plan another trip this coming year
6.  Find some hot spicy pickles
7.  Pay off at least 1 credit card completely
And the list goes on and on-like a loop in my head.

Part of that is my Hot 100 plan:
1.  Lose every week-well I didn't a few weeks ago but had a good week this past week-cross your fingers for me tomorrow!
2.  Eat under 2K calories a day-still on that schedule
3.  Reaching goal by year end will be SUPER tough-but I'm still going to get as close as possible.

Hope your week was great everyone!



Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Sounds like you got your head in the right place and you know what you want!

Love the 2 bite rule at Thanksgiving, GREAT idea! That way you get to taste everything.

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I find myself craving goals more than ever too. For me, I think there's two big reasons for that: because I've met some goals and have confidence in myself that I can meet more, and because I like the pride that comes with meeting those goals. Addiction to forward movement's not a bad thing to have. :)

Love the idea of a two bite rule - definitely something to keep in mind for holiday party season!

Waisting Time said...

Fingers crossed the scale rewards you:)

Lori said...

Good luck with the weigh-in. And if 50# doesn't come tomorrow, it will come soon!

Call me Ishmael said...

Good luck with the weigh-in! Hope it goes as you planned. I am very taken with your goal-setting fervor. I think in the past I have actually avoided setting goals because I'm so afraid I will fail at them! Do you ever worry about that? Thanks for the suggestion about rowing -- I will do that for my next workout. I saw the machine today and thought, ahhh..I should probably be on THAT device instead of the bike. It looks more rigorous and like it will give a good core workout. So...the botox. Does it hurt? I've always wanted to try but am scared I'll come out looking stoned or something. If the doc hits the wrong muscle, doesn't the eyelid droop or something? Plus, I'm afraid of that frozen look, a la nicole kidman and kim kardashian. Do you not get that with your Botox?

Karla said...

4.5 pounds!!! Holey schmooley!!!