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Monday, December 6, 2010

Enough cake to crush a horse

In celebration of my milestone this week on the scale, I had some chocolate cake-this is not a healthy reward, I understand this.  Sure the piece was the size of my ass, but of course I only had a bit to quench my thirst for chocolate.

And can I tell you how awesome it was?!?!?  Actually no, because I felt sick as shit afterward.  Being as how Medifast does not allow sugar, not even fruit, during the weight loss phase, my liver and pancreas were quite shocked when they saw that cake.

The result?  Screaming organs.  Not a typo.  They were NOT happy.  On top of it all, it sure as heck wasn't as good as I had been building it up in my mind.  And boy can I create a demand in my head-especially over the past three months on this diet.

But as what occurs when I picture and fantasize about men, nothing is ever as great as they are in your head.  Which is probably why I enjoy reading so much-my imagination runs my reality.

Even if I hadn't felt like lapsing into a diabetic coma, the cake experience was not what I imagined.  This made me wonder if all the food-gasms were in my head, too?  If I wasn't scared about the scale flipping me off this coming week, I would try all of my used-to-be favorites just to prove to myself that the utopia I created revolving around these items was self-propagated.  Plus they might help me poo.

Maybe my taste buds caught up to my logic-knowing that if they sung for the cake that I could go back to fatty mcfatterton with a foot in the grave.  Who knows?

So that was my science experiment for the weekend, hope you all had a cool self-discovery, too.


Jennifer said...

Girl... I know just what you are saying. I have been on steroids and after all the crap I have eaten these last few days I feel awful!!!! So...I did have my own science experiment too!!! Eat good=feel better :)


Jennifer said...

Oh...and I was looking at your weight loss stats and I think you definately need to share some before and afters!!!

Karla said...

yeah eating something sinful, sometimes isn't worth the pain you put yourself into!!

or maybe it was??

Michele said...

Well, maybe part of the problem was that it was not GOOD cake in the first place. There is chocolate cake and there is chocolate cake. I have had some bad CC in my day!

Call me Ishmael said...

Bad cake is a terrible let down...so sorry your CC didn't live up to expectations! But then again..maybe I'm not, since you seem to have taken a very smart, philosophical approach to it! Next time you have a CC, hope it rocks your world!