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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Or 'back to tracking'-depending if you are a glass half empty or full kind of person.

See, I found myself grazing like a starving cow yesterday.  Though I was grabbing healthy stuff, turkey pepperoni, pickles, olives, I was grabbing in a bit of a frenzy.  I was hungry, but still...

Medifast as a plan does not condone random snacking, as I'm sure most other plans don't either.  Problem is that I have been naughty about getting in my required 5 meal replacements a day, which are specific Medifast foods that are very nutritionally controlled.

Due to this, I am hungry more and at random times-though the scale is unaffected so far..

I have realized this all stems from the fact that I stopped keeping my food journal a while backI realize that not only did tracking remind me that I need to eat x more meal replacements, but it kept me from grazing because God knows I didn't want to see the frenzy recorded in permanent black ink.

One thing makes me wonder though...most perpetually skinny people I know graze ALOT, and it is what they choose to graze on that keeps them skinny I think.  So if I am grazing 'responsibly', does that mean I am adopting skinny principles???

Sure I may be trying to justify not tracking and continued grazing, but the premise of grazing wisely is one that I can obviously adopt and embrace, and this gives me hope for maintenance...if I ever get there!!! ;-)

So to get to my 6, I will track again.  Bah humbug.


Auntie Mandy said...

I didn't stop losing weight until I started tracking what I was eating. I have a real issue with keeping track because then it makes me think about food all the time. Now I do keep track of exercising, which makes me think about exercising all the time! SHOOT! I gotta do my squats!

Leslie said...

I am the most tracking resistent blogger out there. I don't know what it is that makes me hate it so much. Maybe something to do with the "seeing the frenzy recorded in permanent black ink", but also seeing my available food for the day, or calories, or whatever the "track du jour" is - wittling away. Thanks for reminding me of this.

Bethanny said...

I call it "picking". When I seem to pick at things, mostly random things and then of course I feel guilty doing it.