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Friday, January 21, 2011

My Nerdy Tangent

I started yesterday's post on remodeling with the intent to go somewhere further, but after all my science-y explanations ran their course, I decided to stop while I was ahead.

So in an infinitely less detailed and more materialistic fashion, the flip side of my Gemini heritage will explain what I also meant about remodeling...

When I started Medifast, I told my counselor that my goal is to be a size 6...She didn't really need to know about my myriad of other reasons for doing it for good this time.

Anyway, I proceeded to say that in the past at 183 pounds I was a comfortable size 8.  Keep in mind this held true not only in college, but after another large weight loss attempt...

Therefore we set my goal at 161, since that would probably put me in a 6.

However, I weighed in last week at 183.5, but I am still in a 10.

So for me remodeling has another meaning, too, and it's not just angry fat cells.

I know I have looser skin than I used to-a 'reward' from weight loss that I can SEE in the mirror.  Maybe this will tighten up over my maintenance period as the system supporting the fat that I have lost recedes and my angry fat cells chill out.  But maybe my increasing age and decreasing connective tissue will keep me saggy.

However, for now I am a square 10 trying to fit into a round 8.

How many of you feel 'remodeled' and have realized you aren't the same size you used to be at the same weight?


Chubby McGee said...

I've never been this fat before. But...I'm pretty sure that I'll still be really out of shape at 180...and 170....

Darn babies and gravity.

However, I'm going to do my damndest to get as fit as humanly possible. That's my goal.

JW said...

I was a size 8 at 180 ten years ago, too. I have only lost 12 pounds, with 77 to go... so I will keep ya posted. ;)

Charlotte said...

I've experienced that too. Gravity sucks! In the end, your goal weight might not be that far off for size 6 after all. You're going to get there, for sure. You're doing an incredible job!

Auntie Mandy said...

I have been a 14 for a couple of months now. I am hoping to sneak to 10 by summer (making my brand new bathing suits too big). I am noticing lots of toning and shrinking, but not much down on the scale, but I was NEVER an athlete, or anything close. That could be the difference.

Ginger aka Gidget said...

Oh girl - my belly looks like an angry old man. It puckers around my belly button. I bet if I had it tucked, I'd be down to a 14 easily. But, then again, I have strong mule legs, so I doubt it. My goal is a 12. At my thinnest in life, I hovered between a 10 and a 12 and was almost sickly looking in a way. So, I think that if I get a good, solid 12, I'll be fine. But, I'm also built like an Amazon woman so that's probably why, too. LOL!

Waisting Time said...

Not so much size, overall, but shape. And that is part of the reason for my blog's name. When I was at goal weight about a year and a half ago (before I regained yet again), I was dismayed to find that my pants fit everywhere but were tight in the waist! Middle-aged spread. Sigh.

Bethanny said...

I feel like I have more stomach than ever before at this weight!!

Julie said...

I've never been a 8, 10, 12 or 14 but at 188 I'm a 16 going on 14.
I have that size cuz my tummy isn't little. I'm working on that.
We are all so different.
Take care and have a blessed weekend.