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Polar Bear
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Irrational Monday

My morning started with me cursing at my shoe when I was trying to change my pants.

I believe I said, "get the fuck off my foot!!".  My husband came in and obviously couldn't contain his laughter, and asked if I was 'ok'.

I think he was fearing another 2009 Flying Hairbrush Incident, where I precisely halved my hairbrush against a wall.  Of course I still use the bristle part, and hubs never fails to remind me "cool brush, where'd you get it?".


Off to work I went, and was in a crabby mood, knowing that I would have previously appeased my foul Monday mood by promising myself some homemade nachos for dinner-of course that was 68 pounds ago.

Hubs is working lots of overtime this week since the Super Bowl is in town, so I'll be by all by myself with my carb-sucking thoughts.  So all I could think of was that the only thing waiting for me at home to soothe my bitchiness is my elliptical.  Um, yeah, not too comforting it turns out.

So at noon I had a works-in-progress to attend, and the poor guy got the brunt of my frustration and dessert desires.  I grilled him up one side and down the other.  And the fact that he couldn't answer me or defend his project pissed me off even more.  Like I said-irrational-because I had a good loss this weekend, there is no need for diet anger I guess, but STILL...

Then my Mom sent me this video, and it melted my attitude...hope it makes your day that much better, too!!


Kelly said...

I hate days that start out that way. And I can totally sympathize with the hairbrush incident--I have two huge black marks on my wall from where I couldn't find my shoes, but my husbands dress shoes were all nice and neat under the bed...so I threw them against the wall. :)

Trisha said...

Ugh, so sorry your Monday was crappy... but that video is just TOO dang cute to have it stay crappy!! :)

Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

Hope your monday gets better. Super cute video

The Ninja said...

I have days ;ike that and my hubby doesn't ever help, he always gets all offended and irritated right along with me. it's a bad scene. I hope things start feeling better soon.

Patrick said...

Carb sucking thoughts, sounds like a villains evil power he unleashes on us while we sleep; we need a super hero to fight this villain. Do you own a cape?

Chubby McGee said...

Oh! Oh! A seal! So cute!

And I had to laugh at your battle with your pants/shoe. Damn rubber. LOL!

Shannon B. said...

This sounds like a post I'd write! You and your hubby sound like me and my soon-to-be hubby. Cracking me up!

Someone had a case of the Mondays!

Mrs. D said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that started February off with a lot less love than usual ;) Er, wait.. you posted this on January 31. Oh well. I'm not fixing my comment because Tuesday has been my day of asshattery!

Bethanny said...

I like when you get all sassy!!!