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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Pure AWESOMENESS of Joey and Award

Please tell me you saw last night's episode of I Used to be Fat on MTV?!?!?!?

Jordan, this nice kid who had fallen on hard times since his Mom had her own addictions to deal with, weighed in at 278, and needed to be around 210 for his 6 foot 1 inch frame.

He seemed like a really nice kid, pretty mature for his 18 years, and he didn't whine all the frigging time like that other chick a couple of weeks ago.  He put in his time and got down to 205, but did I mention he reached goal in about 55 days?  Yeah 60 pounds in 55 days.

God I wish I was 18 again.

But the reason I am writing this is because of his fantabulous trainer, who I admit I was initially attracted to and repulsed by at the same time.  See, he showed up on his motocycle, but somehow he managed to present a bunch of large items to Jordan, scale, wall calendar etc, so I figured he used the motorcycle to look tough since the MTV crew obviously brought the bulky items,

He was totally tatted up, which wasn't the repulsive part, but he seemed a bit douchey, if I can be honest.  I thought he was going to be an obnoxious, frat boy little shit and that Jordan wouldn't get the leader he deserved.

Well, even I can admit when I am wrong.  Joey turned out to have a wicked dry sense of humor, and his deadpan face was HYSTERICAL.  Not to mention his 'Joey-isms'..."It's not going to be all rainbows and unicorns flying around".  He was hysterical, and turned out to be the big brother role model that Jordan needed to succeed.

When he started talking about the 'power stance' to attract women, I thought I would shit myself.  So for those who have seen the episode, I say to you 'BOOM'.  To those who haven't, TIVO it-you will be SO glad you did.  And to those in LA, this trainer is worth the money!

And I must send a super shout out to my girl Ginger, over at Gidget's Gadget for bestowing upon me the Stylish blogger award- I never get tired of these!!!  So thank you so much Ging, you are super cool!  So since I have given this out before, I will pass on the bestowing forward, but if you don't have this award, feel free to take it from the bottom of the page, because you are obviously stylish if you are reading my blog. HAHAHAHAHA
But I can write seven things you don't know about me, cause I'm a deep font of complexity people. ;-)
1.  Driving next to 18 wheelers scares the shit out of me
2.  I wear lab gloves to trim all meats and fish in my kitchen
3.  If I ever win the lottery I am going to buy either a Porsche, Mercedes, or Cadillac hardtop convertible-love those things!
4.  Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night scared to death that one/both of my parents are going to die soon
5.  I have a chocolate lab mix (with border collie) and have had her since puppyhood-she is 12 now, and everytime she slows down a bit more I know what's coming and that I am not ready
6.  I wish I could work off school loans like I work off pounds, but that would probably require a corner somewhere instead of an elliptical
7.  I wonder if all the sugarless gum I have chewed in my lifetime will induce in me some bizarre cancer in some years

So if you didn't get the memo-I have issues with mortality. ;-)


JW said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog today. ;) I am still amazed people read my thoughts. they can get messy sometimes. lol I used to be the Queen of Pessimism. Now I would say I have a healthy sliver of it. I think it is actually a good thing .... question everything..... ;) I do feel for you, having those worry moments, (I also was a highly anxious person) but I know you will find your way. Enjoy this moment, cherish loved ones today. Janelle

Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

I have not heard of that show! I just DVR'd it, it's coming on in 20 min!

I hate hate driving by big rigs too! When we drive to S. CA on highway 5 a 2 lane highway for oh 4 hours of the drive just you and big rigs augh!

Congrats on the award, you're pretty funny!!!
oh and i know how you feel about your doggy, ours are only 3 & 2 and we say what would we do without them!

Ash said...

I've never seen the show, but it sounds amusing. =) Also, I'm terrified of driving beside the 18-wheelers, too. I get all panicky. =S


Auntie Mandy said...

Big Rigs don't scare me as much as thinking about all of the immature girls at the insurance company passing around police photos of my dead body. Just sayin!

Chubby McGee said...

I thought the trainer was the worst one of all last night. My husband and I kept giving each other silly looks the whole time we watched. We LOVED Jordan (he was amazing and somehow managed to lose all that weight in HALF the time...gah!). But...Joey...yikes. We had idiot shivers the entire time we watched. And my husband now things it's hilarious to do the "BOOM" thing. I'm probably going to end up hitting him the next time he does it. It's THAT annoying!!!

But...man...could you imagine working out 8 hours a day, like, 7 days a week?! Shoot! That boy was amazing!

Bethanny said...

I watched it last night! Little dude came out looking like CT from the RR. He looks amazing and I could not believe how fast it came off for him.

Plump Nonfiction said...

OMG I totally agree about Joey. I actually had to stop watching it for a while because I couldn't get over the fact that he was the trainer. It was the funniest thing ever watching him tell Jordan about the "BOOM" and the stance. Really? Women fall for that? On this planet?

The Fat Mom said...

#1: I'd totally do Jordan. He turned out hot. Not only hot, but he was one of those rare people who is so nice it makes you hurt.
#2: I still think Joey is a douche (even if he was super hot with all his tats and motorcycle). The "BOOM" made me want to punch him in the face. And then for Jordan to do it....wanted to punch him in the face too!
#3: Since I'm not working, why can't I work out 8 hours a day? Nah...I'm not that motivated to do it by myself.

Julie said...

Don't be afarid of the big trucks. Think of me driving it and I wouldn't let anything happen to you. I did drive truck for 9 years, 48 states and 2 Providences.
I watched X-weighted for the first time yesterday, that was a pretty cool show. I'll have to look for the one you talked about.
How about working of a stupid credit card for pounds? I wish that could be possible.
Take care and have a blessed evening.

Christie Mowry said...

I have never seen this show, but I LOVE SUR-REALITY TV so I totally will. If I could lose a pound for every reality show I watch or have watched....my life would be a book called "Too Thin" with foreward by Calista Flockhart.

Patrick said...

You & me both regarding wishing I could work off school loans like I work off pounds!

Kristen said...

OMG! I saw him on the motorcycle and that tattoos I was into him. I even talked about it in my post today. I think he was totally hot. I think he is a great trainer..by far the best one I have seen on the show so far. He really seem invested in Jordans success.

He reminded me of my trainer with some of the stupid stuff he said.

The first time I saw the BOOM I was laughing but by the end it got old! But last night was the best one so far hands down.

I agree with Fat Mom that jordan was also smoking at the end! Make me wonder what we all will look like after our journey.
P.S. I only wish i had the time, energy and desire to workout 8 hours day.

Julie said...

Good morning. Just a quick answer this morning. I have some nerves behind my left eye that don't connect, from an accident I had when I was little. Then they float to close to each other there's electric shocks that make for some massive migraines and also cluster headaches.
Just wanted you to know. Thank you for asking and for your sweet comment. Now take care and have a blessed day.

Michele said...

I did not see that show. Hard to believe he knocked off 55 pounds in 60 days. That is sort of what many of us dreamed of before: huge weight loss in short time period. But, can he maintain it foe even 6 months? I wonder. Love the little tidbits about you that you share with us. Have a great weekend! Michele

The Ninja said...

That Show seems interesting I will check it out.